Anker LED desk lamp

GeekDad Review: Anker Lumos A1 LED Desk Lamp

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Anker LED desk lamp
Anker LED light offers affordable desk and task lighting (Photo by Brad Moon)

A few months ago, I reviewed the BenQ WiT LED light. It was easily the nicest and most feature-rich desk lamp I’ve ever used, but it was also $299. The Anker Lumos A1 LED is a little more scaled back in its ambitions, but it does a decent job of illuminating your workspace at a much more budget-friendly $25.99 price tag.

The Lumos A1 is an adjustable gooseneck-style desk lamp, with an elongated head in which are mounted 21 LEDs. It’s roughly 15-inches tall (the lighting strip is about 7-inches long) and can be adjusted up or down. The product description spikes out a rotating base, but it’s the lighting head that can both rotate and swivel. It shouldn’t be a problem to find a position that suits your work, reading, or task needs.

Anker LED light is very adjustable
All the ways you can adjust the Anker Lumos A1 LED desk lamp (Image copyright Anker)

Construction is plastic (black or white) but it seems solid enough, stable, and stays the way you adjust it.

The LED lights are low energy consumption (5 watts) putting out a maximum of 450 Lumens and the color temperature is 5000K. The LEDs have a 35,000 hour estimated lifespan, so by the time you need to replace this light, we’ll probably have solar powered illuminated ceilings in all our rooms. At any rate, consider this a “buy it and forget it” kind of purchase.

The light produced is even and flicker free and there’s a touch control on the base that lets you quickly adjust between four different levels of brightness.

The Anker Lumos A1 is nothing particularly fancy, but it’s well made, offers a few nice extras like the touch dimming, and does a decent job of lighting your desktop. Not bad for 26 bucks, especially when you factor in never having to change a light bulb.

Disclosure: Anker supplied a light for review purposes.

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