Thrustmaster ‘T-GT Racing Wheel’ Review

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T-GT Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster unleashes an amazing new racing wheel optimized for Gran Tourismo players and all other racing enthusiasts:

The Thrustmaster T-GT.

What is the Thrustmaster T-GT?

The Thrustmaster T-GT is a force feedback racing wheel that can be used on either PS4 or PC. It is optimized for Gran Tourismo Sport and all future Gran Tourismo games coming to PS4

Specifications of the Thrustmaster T-GT

T-DFB techno: Exclusive for GT Sport
Combining brushless motors’ refined Force Feedback with this Depth Feedback creates a realistic 3D perception of the environment. And adding suspension and vibration effects via the steering column gives more information.

Thrustmaster T-GT Servo base
T-DFB  Depth and linear Feedback system (40W)
+ industrial-class brushless motor! (50% more dynamics, 4 times greater stall force

Detachable  Leather Wrapped Wheel
4 rotary selectors, 12 positions
+ 2 mini-sticks
+ 2 metal paddle shifters

T3PGT: 3 metal pedals included
Metal pedals, metal pedal arms, and inner structure
Adjustable accelerator and clutch pedals (in height and spacing).

My Thoughts and Recommendation

I review a lot of gaming peripherals on this website and do not often have the change to say the phrase “Awesome!” but the Thrustmaster T-GT deserves it as much as any controller I have ever seen.

From the moment you open the box, craftsmanship and quality scream back at you. The T-GT looks feel and as solid as you can get for racing wheels.  Things have come a long way since my Colecovision racing wheel and I love it.

Unboxing the T-GT and assembling takes a bit off time and a hair of skill.

The wheel must be attached and then locked to the main body and then you have a USB cable which is going to the PS4 or PC; a power supply which looks like a racing pipe; and another cable which connects to the pedals. This cable is by far the flimsiest and you may want to take special care with it.

Mounting of the Thrustmaster T-GT was simple. Using the provided clamp and hardware, I attached it to a simple folding dinner tray. This is definitely a temporary solution.

If I were a frequent user, I would build or purchase a far more sturdy and stable platform. That being said, the T-GT is for someone who is a dedicated simulation racer. The Price of $650 is not something a casual user is likely to spend, so a serious gamer would probably want to go the extra mile and purchase a cockpit or desk to set the T-GT up properly.

Once your T-GT is set up and locked down, it is time to fire up Gran Tourismo Sport. The game and controller are meant to use together and you feel that way once they are synced up. I liked everything about this experience. The cars were great and the feedback and response of the controller were top notch.

My seven-year-old son, Nick, saw all the fun I was having and demanded a turn on the wheel. I let him try out all the training segments and he enjoyed it thoroughly, so much so that I had to fight to get back to my racing career. I look forward to seeing how the T-GT responds to other non-Gran Tourismo games. With the enormous amount of customization available, I think it will handle just about anything you can throw at it.

To sum up, the Thrustmaster T-GT may not be for everyone but for the people it was intended for, I cannot see how anything can match its quality style or durability.

If you take your racing sims seriously, that may be something you want to ask Santa for this Christmas.

Price and Availability

The Thrustmaster T-GT is available on Amazon for $640.0

A Thrustmaster T-GT was made available for use for the review by Thrustmaster

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  1. How much does it turn? I remember having a wheel several years ago that only turn about 180º in each direction. I did not like the feel.

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