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Maingear Classic Nero Backpack

Maingear is going beyond just making incredible computers and chairs and is now offering up some great bags like the Classic Backpack to take your technology on the go!


Even though I love big flashy LED covered peripherals for my PCs and consoles, I like to be very subdued with what I wear. I am not even a fan of wearing t-shirts with logos and tend to stick with basic black and grey. My choices often revolve around practicality and comfort.

The Classic Backpack by Maingear satisfies those requirements when I am looking to travel with my gear.

When the Classic Backpack showed up on my porch, I was initially happy that it matched my Maingear Forma GT chair that I had previously reviewed. The basic black and red schemes are very appealing to me. It is bold without being over the top. The Classic Backpack lives up to its name, as a quick glance may remind you of the old JanSport backpacks we all grew up with and may still be sending our children to school with. Undoubtedly classic. What the Nero Classic offers is that style mixed with the needs of modern technology and comfort that those bags never offered.


  • 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Pocket
  • 13″ Tablet Pocket
  • Portable Game Console Pocket
  • Battery Pack with Cable Passthrough
  • Quick Drop Top Pouch
  • Water Bottle Holders
  • Organizer for Pens, Notebooks, and Accessories
  • Soft Lining Accessory Pouch
  • Rear Security Pocket For Valuables and Tile Tracker (included)
  • 2nd Rear Security Pocket For Passport / ID

The Maingear Classic Backpack comes in Nero, Slate, and Aspen.

Thoughts and Recommendations

After using the Maingear classic for a few weeks, I was impressed not just with the features it had but mostly the comfort. I tend to carry a lot of technology around with me, and it can get pretty heavy. This is one of the most comfortable backpacks I have ever worn. There is ample padding in the back and the weight distribution is very good. The tear-resistant 900D nylon twill fabric offers great durability and still feels soft to the touch. Stormflap Protectant YKK zippers add to the high quality of the Maingear Classic. Zippers have always been a big failure point for backpacks, so this is a really welcome choice. If I were to name one fault it is that it does not have a chest strap. That is a personal preference for me, but I do find that those straps make weight distribution a bit better. That being said, I recognize that would probably not work with the classic aesthetic Maingear is going for with this backpack.

I love the addition of the Tile Micro to help find your backpack and, most importantly, your technology if you lose it or if someone decides to rob you of your precious electronics. Maingear puts this in one of two hidden pockets in the rear padding of the bag, which is also a great idea if you want to hide your wallet or ID.

I would absolutely recommend the Maingear Classic Backpack for anyone looking for a simple-looking, comfortable backpack that is still packed with great features and has a solid build quality.

At $99.00, it is a bit of an investment, but once you pick one up and try it on you will understand where your dollars are going. This bag is made for when you are spending the entire day traveling and on your feet and want to still be able to stand upright the next day. So give it a try!

A sample of the Maingear Classic Backpack was made available by Maingear.

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