Sit Up Straight with the Help of the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector

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As we use computers and smart phones for hours a day, we often slouch, have our head down, or assume other positions, all of which can cause neck pain and back pain. Furthermore, poor posture can cause blurry vision due to its effect on the connection quality between your spinal cord and your brain. Since we don’t always have some to tell us to “sit up straight”, we often tend to look down at our phones or hunch over our keyboards without thinking about it. What we really need is a regular reminder to assume good posture. Luckily help is here.

What Is the CZUR Mirror?

The CZUR Mirror is a device designed to help you maintain proper posture and adopt a better sitting  habit. Unlike other devices that force you to sit straight and can cause pain or other problems, the CZUR Mirror progressively helps you correct your posture quickly and naturally through visual and audio prompts. The CZUR Mirror is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. It has a suggested retail price of $138, but it is currently available for preorder for only $69 and estimated to begin shipping in February 2022

What’s in the Box?

The CZUR Mirror includes the following:

  • Mirror Unit
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start guide

How to Use the CZUR Mirror

The CZUR Mirror is very easy to set up and start using. Plug the USB-C side of the cable into the bottom of the device and then the USB-A side into a power source. As soon as it is connected to power, the CZUR Mirror is activated. Place it between 20 and 30 inches away from you within an arc of about 45 degrees to either side of center so that the camera can see the front of your head and torso. The default mode is Smart Sitting Posture mode. This is designed for people sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. When you power on the device, the Mirror will give directions on how to sit so it can get a baseline. Then as you look down, like when using your phone, or slouch forward, the Mirror will sound a chime and flash red laser lights on the desktop to get your attention. A voice will give you a reminder such as “Do not lower your head.”

laser alert
The CZUR Mirror provides a vocal as well as visual reminder using laser light. Image by Michael Knight.

By pressing down on the button on the top of the Mirror, you can change to Custom Sitting Posture mode. This is for when users need to lower their heads frequently such as when reading a book or when needing to look down at a computer monitor that is lower than eye level. When you first use this mode, the device will ask you to assume your normal posture for the activity and hold it for 5 seconds. It will then analyze your posture and save it as your custom setting. If you ever need to reset your custom sitting posture, just press the button for two seconds to save your new posture. If you wish to mute the Mirror so it does not chime or provide a verbal reminder, there is a switch on the bottom of the device to turn sounds on or off. When muted, the Mirror will still provide the red light indicators.

CZUR also offers a free app for your smartphone or tablet which can be downloaded for either iOs or Android. Follow the instructions in the app to connect it with your Mirror. The app provides feedback on your posture with a percentage of time you are assuming the proper posture. You can also choose from four different reminder frequencies to determine how often the device offers reminders as well as adjust the notification volume and the indicator brightness. Another feature you can set within the app is sedentary time. This configures the Mirror to let you know when you need to get up and move around. 

CZUR Mirror features
The CZUR Mirror offers several features. Image courtesy of CZUR.

Why You Should Get the CZUR Mirror

The CZUR Mirror is a great device for helping train you to sit with a healthy posture. This can really help alleviate neck and back pain while also reminding you to get up a move around on a regular basis. In addition to being used in an office or while sitting at a computer, it can also be used for other seated activities such as drawing, reading, or playing an instrument. CZUR advertises that it takes about 7 days to train a person to maintain good posture. I found that as I used it over the course of several days, I was getting fewer reminders as time progressed. In fact, I now often catch myself lowering my head before the Mirror needs to remind me to lift my head. I also like the sedentary reminder. It is easy for me to sit for hours on the computer when I am working and appreciate a prompt to get up and walk around. I am very pleased with the CZUR Mirror. It takes up little space on a desk, is easy to take with you between work and home or while travelling, and provides useful feedback to help you get in the habit of sitting with good posture. 

For more information about the CZUR Mirror, check out their Indiegogo page

Here is a video showing the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector at work.


Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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  1. I was looking for a way to correct my posture and improve the way I sit, stand, and walk. My back has been hurting me all of my life but I had never done anything about it until recently. After trying out many different products on the market, none of them were able to help me as much as this one did. The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector is amazing! It does exactly what it claims to do: eliminate back pain by correcting your posture in just seconds with no pain whatsoever.

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