Maingear Forma GT Gaming Chair Review

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Maingear is creating some of the most comfortable and durable gaming chairs around and the Forma GT is at the top of the list!


Maingear is a company geared toward hardcore and professional gamers. Back in 2002, Wallace Santos was deciding between a career in modding and tuning cars or making high-end PC gear. Luckily for us, Wallace chose the latter. But I can say with the utmost confidence that Wallace’s skill in car modification is felt in every stitch of the Maingear Forma GT

First Impressions

“It’s really heavy,” says the FedEx clerk as I show up to get my new Forma GT. And he was not kidding. The gorgeous giant red box holding the high-end gaming chair clocks in at 70lbs and as I heft it into my SUV all I can think is, “This thing is going to be really solid.” Little do I know that this would be a gross understatement. After hefting it into my home office I open it up and am impressed immediately. The first thing that hits me is the combination of memory foam and new car smell. It was like someone parked the interior of a brand new Cadillac in my office. As I pulled out the pieces of the Forma GT I realized it did not only smell like a new Cadillac it was also built like one. Every seam and stitch is of high quality. Both of the extra pads, one for your neck and one for the lumbar are made of memory foam with a wonderfully soft microfiber cover. It is a wonderful combination of a high-end executive chair and a racing seat.

Features From the Manufacturer

Starting with the foam covered rigid tubular steel interior and durable external materials, FORMA was designed for even the most aggressive gamers. With an aluminum alloy base, ultra-quiet nylon wheels, and a Class-4 hydraulic piston, we are so confident in FORMA’s reliability that every chair includes a 5-year warranty.

The Build

Start to finish it took me roughly 30 minutes to put my Forma GT together. The kit comes with 2 Allen wrenches, one of which has a Phillips head. Essentially you have the base, support piston, hydraulic lift, seat, and back. The arms are pre-installed. The Forma GT comes with a poster-sized set of directions that makes assembly pretty simple and straight forward. I only wished that I had an Allen sized bit for my power drill that had fit the bolts to better expedite the installation. If you have one yourself the build can probably be cut by two-thirds of the time. One important note: because of the size of the Forma GT and the weight, I would not recommend any young children trying to tackle this by themselves. Other than that it is as simple if not simpler than anything you would build from Ikea.

You too can upgrade your gaming chair as I did with a Forma GT!

Final Thoughts

Once I had my Forma GT together it was time to try it out. Not surprisingly the initial sit was extremely comfortable to the point of being luxurious. I have both neck and back problems so gaming for a long time is very uncomfortable for me. I am also an XXXL guy at 5’8 250lbs so many chairs are too small for my girth. The Forma GT had no issue with my size or weight and felt extremely solid with my frame sitting in it. So if you are a big and or tall guy this may be the chair you have been waiting for.

At $349.99 it is not your $99.00 Staples or Amazon gaming chair. You are paying a fair price for a chair that is of the highest quality than you would see at a boutique furniture store. Unlike those $99.00 chairs, you will not be replacing the Forma GT in one year or any year in the future.

I am looking to spend a lot of time in my Forma GT and thanks to its comfort I don’t think it will be as painful as it has been for years. I look forward to better work and better gaming. Having said all of that I recommend the Forma GT with absolute confidence. This chair is a sheer luxury so treat yourself or a gamer you love.

A sample of the Forma GT was made available by Maingear.

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