Interview With Mathieu Cote, Game Director of ‘Dead by Daylight’

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GeekDad Interviews Mathieu Cote of Dead by Daylight

GeekDad interviews Mathieu Cote of Behaviour Entertainment about the past, present, and future of the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight.

Previously I have covered the recent release of the Stranger Things DLC for the game Dead by Daylight. Since then I have spent a multitude of hours playing the game and trying out all the new hardware I have received to push the limits of my survival skills. So when I was given the opportunity to sit down with Mathieu Cote of Behaviour Entertainment at NYCC 2019 and have a discussion about the game, I could not pass it up.

In case this is your first time hearing about Dead by Daylight, it is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where five players are needed. You have four survivors (that rarely survive) and a stalker. All five players are trapped in one of several settings in the game and the goals are twofold. The survivors must fix broken generators to power up the main gates so that they may leave the arena or find an escape hatch. The stalker must try to disable the generators, capture the survivors, and offer them up to the Entity, the overlord in charge of this entire hellish scenario.

Both the survivors and stalkers level up and get abilities and items through the use of a skill tree called the Bloodweb. Each survivor has his or her own special abilities and can teach the abilities to the other players when they are past level 30 (which may take a while to get to if you are a casual player like myself).

Being a fully online multiplayer title, there is no single-player experience (which is hard to ignore when I find myself sitting in a lobby for an extended period of time). After playing the game on PC and all other consoles, I have to say that the PC lobbies are the most populated and, thus, the fastest. You may want to consider this if you are looking to jump into the game and are deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars.

Now that you’ve read that primer, here is my interview with Mathieu Cote of Behaviour Entertainment and Dead by Daylight.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and will give Dead by Daylight a try this Halloween season. It is by far the best horror game that you can play with a group of friends!

The game is currently available on all consoles and PC and can be purchased from $19.99.

A copy of Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things was made available by Behaviour Entertainment.

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