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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 91: Kings of the North

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Though I am still embroiled in my own Game of Stones, I’m here to play through the pain and present to you a brand new podcast featuring Beefy, Wordburglar, Glenn Case, Jesse Dangerously, and more!

You can listen via the player below, download episode 91 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Long may they reign!

00:44 Beefy – “Hear Me Roar” (content warning)
04:53 Talking / Fresh Kils – “Must Be Nicer
05:49 Adam WarRock – “Kingslayer
09:23 Bill McClintock – “Slipshack
12:33 Glenn Case – “Roll Me
14:47 Illbotz – “There’s No Stoppin’ Us (Or Is There?)” (content warning)
18:22 More talking / Fresh Kils – “Must Be Nicer”
19:25 rap legend Jesse Dangerously – “Fat Protagonist
22:54 Touch & The Dirty Sample – “Long De-Vision” (content warning)
26:30 Fresh Kils – “Brought My Bad
28:41 Wordburglar – “Torontaun (prod. by Diagnostik80 w/ Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les)
32:45 Even more talking / Fresh Kils – “Must Be Nicer”
34:09 Alpha Chrome Yayo – “Malediction Boulevard

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