WCP: ‘Hellboy’ (2019) Review

Like it or not, Hellboy 2.0 is here.

Jake + Mitch breakdown what worked and didn’t work in the over-stuffed re-boot, Hellboy.  With a deep love for the comics, Jake had high hopes.  Mitch, not so much…maybe the staggeringly low Rotten Tomatoes score has something to do with it.  But there’s more…

– In the shadow of Guillermo del Toro, did this movie stand a chance?
– Should we appreciate the home-run swing this movie took?
– Will we see David Harbour don the horns and chops again?

Plus, a quick philosophical turn towards the societal affects of social media, and why Rotten Tomatoes is just plain dumb.

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Hosts: @MitchRoush and @Thatjakeowens.

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