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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 77: Dem Lads

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It’s dinosaurs, replicants, aliens, and… memes?—yes, memes—on this edition of Radio Free Hipster.

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00:44 Ryako – “Hey Deckard”
05:12 Talking / The Syntax Sin Tax – “Eucatastrophe
06:00 Illbotz – “Dinosaur, Dinosaur” (content warning)
09:30 Tribe One – “Devil Rhymeosaur” (content warning)
12:15 chrocodyle – “Chemical Warfare”
15:46 Kirby Krackle – “We Had a Good Run
19:21 More talking / The Syntax Sin Tax – “Eucatastrophe”
20:07 The Grammar Club – “Froggy Refresh” (content warning)
23:17 The Syntax Sin Tax – “Antihero”
25:50 Ultraklystron – “Clear History
29:13 Even more talking / The Syntax Sin Tax – “Eucatastrophe”
30:49 The Four Eyes – “Lost in Space

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