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KontrolFreek offers gamers of any age a chance to gain an advantage in both gameplay and comfort with their line of controller and gaming accessories!

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Thoughts and Recommendations

I have been using Kontrolfreek products for years and will probably use them for years to come. Being thrifty I was very skeptical initially. After purchasing my first set to play Modern Warfare 3 I fell in love with the look and feel as well as the increase in my ability to aim my crosshairs in a timely and more accurate fashion. Having all 3 major consoles and a gaming PC I find that the quality is good across the board. I was especially excited when Kontrolfreek decided to open the line up to Nintendo Switch products as I found the switch controllers to be lacking in feel. If you are interested definitely pick up a set some come as low as $12.99 which is slightly less than the price of a movie ticket and you will get far more hours and value out of these KontrolFreek products.

Cost of Products reviewed

Performance Grips Strips: $12.99

Rush Performance Thumb-Sticks: $14.99

Gaming Lights: $24.99

PS4 Performace Grips: $14.99

FPS Freek CQC Thumb-Sticks: $14.99

Overwatch Performance Thumb-Sticks: $17.99

Sample products were made available by KontrolFreek

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