Review – Wonder Woman #69: Free Love Gone Wrong

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Wonder Woman #69 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #69 – G. Willow Wilson, Writer; Xermanico, Artist; Romulo Fajardo Jr, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Corrina: Demigod Love Is Scary

Ray: Sometimes reading two comics back to back can really put certain things into focus. Both Wonder Woman #69 and The Flash #69 deal with issues of mind control and people being forced to do romantic and sexual things they never consented to due to it. The difference is, it’s not a glossed-over side point in this issue, it’s the main plot and it is supremely creepy from the opening segment when a small town descends into debauchery and starts making terrible romantic life choices due to the arrival of some mysterious force. It’s clear that this is something relating to the Greek Gods – and given that one of Wonder Woman’s traveling companions is the Goddess of Love, that’s not a big surprise. Aphrodite has been searching for her son Antlantiades, but it seems from this opening segment that he’s up to no good. The new team of Diana, Aphrodite, Maggie, and the Pegasus Cadmus wander into this mess, and it’s easily their most bizarre mission yet.

From their arrival in this small town, it’s clear that the “free love” situation isn’t exactly working out. Diana quickly has to keep an argument between husband and wife from turning violent when a woman decides to leave her cheating husband for the babysitter. Of course, no one’s acting in their right mind – the arrival of an army of violent Cupids has driven everyone to lust. This isn’t the only comic featuring homicidal Cupids recently, amusingly – there was also a very amusing Justin Jordan comic about MRAs a while back. The battle sequences range from amusing to surprisingly dark when a giant cloud of Cupids turns into a horrifying face. The reveal of the villain is less dramatic than expected, but Wilson deserves praise for tackling a very disturbing concept with a lot more subtlety than other writers. It’s another excellent chapter in what’s turning into a long-running epic of Gods and warriors.

Suburbia gone wild. Via DC Comics.

Corrina: Mind control is all the rage recently. Even DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had a take on the god of love, leading to their weirdest and most wonderful episode yet. (Though at least that spell unleashed hidden desires, rather than creating desires.)

This one, however, is love without responsibility or even control. Or, rather, lust, which is an entirely different thing. The art team clearly had some fun with the backgrounds of Wonder Woman #69, suggesting some carnal things that are still a bit blurry and keep this book from being as explicit as, say, Saga. The overall look of the issue reminds me more of the style of Adam Hughes, rather than Nord’s more recent and harsher fantasy style.

The downside and danger of lust is spotlighted clearly, with Diana and the rest horrified about what the Cupids have wrought.

Or, rather, the god of lust.

Note: while Steve is on the cover, he’s not in the issue. But that scene would have been interesting.

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