Review – Lucifer #7: Bargaining with Hell

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Lucifer #7 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #7 – Dan Watters, Writer; Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara, Artists; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: Lucifer takes a beat from the epic showdowns and reveals of the last few issues, as the former Lord of Hell attempts to break the rules of the twisted realm he set up and cheat death once again. After last month’s unceremonious exit of John Decker (whose story was ultimately a tragic Shaggy Dog story), Lucifer is the unquestioned lead of the title again and his attempt to resurrect his former lover the witch Sycorax has roused the anger of the forces of Heaven.

The powerful angel Raguel descends from heaven to give his former brother an ultimatum – Sycorax will be given seventy-two hours to enjoy her resurrection, and then she’ll be taken to her ultimate reward (which is not likely to be pleasant). Lucifer’s attempts at intimidation fall flat against a force that knows exactly what he is and is unafraid of him, and these segments are the best-illustrated in the issue as the McCaig brothers use their gritty style to give these cosmic beings a unique appearance.

Lucifer #7
A message from heaven. Via DC Comics.

The rest of Lucifer #7 splits up the characters into two different narratives. Sycorax, who never actually wanted to be resurrected, is at peace with her coming death and decides to spend the time mostly in isolation with her son Caliban. The attempts of these two complex characters to make peace are genuinely affecting, but Mazikeen, as always, has her own agenda.

Sycorax warns Lucifer away from trying to change her fate, but when has he ever been known to listen? He knows what awaits her in Hell, and first, he heads down to his former kingdom to plead for her fate and then try to intimidate his way back into charge. This fails, mainly due to the stories of a former ally. That leads him to a last, desperate gambit that brings in elements of a fascinating cross-theological twist that I can’t wait to see play out.

This is a slow burn, but the theological power plays at work here are fascinating.

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