Review – Lucifer #6: Original Sin

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Lucifer #6 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #6 – Dan Watters, Writer; Sebastian Fiumara, Max Fiumara, Artists; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Dan Watters’ twisted reinvention of Lucifer’s story has evolved into its true form – a horrific family drama as one of Lucifer’s oldest sins comes back to haunt him. Two long-time enemies of his, Happy Jack and Caliban, have set an elaborate trap for the older, addled Lucifer and maimed him horribly. A blinded wreck, he’s forced to rely on the help of the mysterious Sycorax – who has been nursing him back to health since the start of the series.

Lucifer #6 is the issue where all the book’s mysteries start coming into focus, as we learn exactly what Caliban’s grudge against Lucifer is and what role John Decker has in this twisted tale. Decker, driven insane by mysterious migraines that he initially assumed were cancer, has found himself alone in a hotel room trying to shatter a mysterious skull that he found in Gately House – a skull that plays a huge role in this narrative.

Sycorax’s quest. Via DC Comics.

Decker’s story seems to come to an end this issue – a sad, anticlimatic end that matches what often happens to mortals who trifle with Gods and Demons. But the story is just beginning for Lucifer, Sycorax, and Caliban. Revealed as Lucifer’s progeny, Caliban’s grudge is finally explained – in a stunning six-page segment that shows Lucifer’s affair with Sycorax, resulting in a spawn that was unwelcome in any world except Hell. We’ve seen this kind of element before – Happy Jack’s undoing was the realization that there was something worse than being sent to hell. Lucifer’s been running from Heaven for a long time, and the end of the issue indicates that run is about to come to an end. This has been a dark and twisted first arc, but it feels like this title’s potential is just beginning to ramp up. Fans of the TV series will likely be surprised at just how dark this goes – this is vintage Vertigo.

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