Review – The Wild Storm #21: Beginning of the End

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The Wild Storm #21 cover, via DC Comics.

The Wild Storm #21 – Warren Ellis, Writer; Jon Davis-Hunt, Artist; Steve Buccellato, Colorist


Ray – 7/10

The Wild Storm is a title known for its ups and downs, and as we’re in the final stage before the June series finale it feels like The Wild Storm #21 is a breather before the end. The multiple factions are gathering their forces, sorting out their issues, and resting up before a final battle between Skywatch and IO. The two sinister organizations are getting ready to take their last shots at each other, but their various loyalists and powerhouses are tired of being used as pawns. This issue feels disconnected at times, more a segment of random two to four-page segments of people interacting. The weird conclave of Gods including Engineer, The Doctor, Jenny Sparks, and Jack Hawksmoor serve as the framing characters of the issue, as they sort out their plans in their messy apartment, establish a telepathic link, and accidentally reveal some awkward dirty laundry in the process.

Demigod roommates. Via DC Comics.

The other segments are shorter, but more meaningful. Miles Craven and his second-in-command Ivana discuss their plans for the attack, with Miles coming off as slightly unhinged. There’s nothing “slightly” about how unhinged Henry Bendix comes off, staring at a crop of nuclear weapon and fantasizing about unleashing them. His second-in-command Lauren goes on an elaborate rant about his behavior but it’s mostly ignored. Midnighter and Apollo, only introduced in the last act but quickly becoming the heart of this series, display a great connection as Apollo recharges his energy by the sun. Ultimately, this story is getting all the pieces in place for an epic showdown, but this issue feels more like an extended group therapy session.

Jon Davis-Hunt has drawn every issue of the series, but his strength isn’t in close-up character scenes. The final three issues should give him a lot more to do as this series reaches its explosive finale.

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