Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for Week 11 of 2019

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The board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending March 15, 2019.

Gaming News

  • Modiphius has a big range of products around its RPG based in the world of Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars. These include the core rulebook, narrator screens, and even miniatures. You can check out the whole line on Modiphius’ website.
  • Smash Up World Tour: International Incident hits shelves this month. The first in a series of expansions for the game this year, World Tour also includes a “VIP Backstage Pass” which, according to the press release, will “grant you really cool goodies at special events throughout the year. Everything from collector pins, to patches, shirts, the chance to play with 2020 expansion cards before anyone else and more!”
  • The New York Times wrote a nice piece this week on Elizabeth Hargrave, creator of Wingspan, a GeekDad-approved game reviewed earlier this year by Dave Banks.
  • The Talisman world continues to expand with the announcement this week of Talisman: Batman Super-Villains Edition.
  • Two iconic modes of transportation are coming to Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars miniatures title. If you’re a fan of Armada, then you’ll likely be excited to add a Super Star Destroyer to your fleet. The website announcing the ship doesn’t say how big it is, but there is a picture that shows it next to the 8-inch Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and it looks to be about 3 times as long, so it will easily be over two feet. And on pretty much the exact opposite end of the scale, Imperial Assault fans will soon get to add Tauntauns to their collection of need-to-be-painted minis. I have to say here that both of these are games I own but haven’t played, but I may need to get that SSD just to have on display somewhere.
  • In May, Renegade Games will be releasing Lantern Dice: Lights in the Sky, a dice-based version of their pretty great Lanterns: The Harvest Festival title from a couple of years ago, which is also our featured image this week.
  • In gaming business news, Asmodee announced a deal with CMON to become the exclusive distributor for their titles in North America. Asmodee is already the exclusive distributor for CMON titles in the rest of the world.

GeekDad Reviews

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads played this week:

  • Michael Pistiolas played Tiny Epic Zombies and Ticket to Ride.
  • Jonathan Liu played Handsome, Tiny Ninjas, Obelisk, Dinos Not Assembled, Fire in the Library, Gen7, Gugong, Minute Realms, Pandoria, and Planet.
  • Robin Brooks played Cryptid, Captain Sonar, and Keyforge.
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