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Pathfinder Second EditionIt’s time to preorder your copy of Pathfinder Second Edition! Releasing August 1, 2019, Pathfinder Second Edition is hitting the ground with everything you need to begin adventuring in the brave new world of Golarion after the events of the Tyrant’s Grasp adventure path.

On day one we can get;

Pathfinder Second Edition has been in development for over three years and received feedback from over 100,000 playtesters. Through the playtest, participants got to delve deeply into the rules, playing many sessions to test the math and the extremes of the system. While updates and changes to the rules happened throughout the playtest, we have not yet seen the final rules, but I anxiously await my chance to dig into the 640– what!– 640-page Core Rulebook. I was pleased with and enjoyed the core second edition rules, such as an action economy vastly improved over any edition since first edition D&D, and a more customizable character creation system than even Pathfinder First Edition. The Core Rulebook includes rules for six ancestries, such as human or elf, and twelve classes– the original core classes with the addition of the alchemist.

With their release line-up, you’ll be set to challenge your players for countless gaming sessions with the beginning of an adventure path– installments releasing each month after– as well as a stand-alone adventure. In addition, the Bestiary, a 360-page tome, takes your core rules page-count to 1,000 pages of material!

Want more now? Check out the weekly blogs talking about the iconic Pathfinder characters. Eric Mona of Paizo and artist Wayne Reynolds will discuss the evolution of each iconic– here’s Amiri, the iconic barbarian.

Want to get a peek at Pathfinder Second Edition before August 1st? Then go to PaizoCon in Seattle, where you’ll certainly have a chance to be one of the first to play the final version! Or listen to the weekly Oblivion Oath actual play Twitch stream GM’ed by the lead designer, Jason Bulmahn.

Curious what GeekDad thinks of Second Edition? Check out our initial post after we first got our hands on the playtest, and check back here– as we find out more, we’ll be sure to let you know!

The only thing I wish they had included with this initial release is more time for me to play it all!

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