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Oblivion Oath: ‘Pathfinder Second Edition’ Actual Play Twitch Stream From Paizo

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Run by Paizo’s lead designer Jason Bulmahn, Oblivion Oath, a weekly Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play stream is coming to Twitch this April 4th and continuing every Thursday at noon Pacific time.

Paizo has been maintaining an active, entertaining, and informative Twitch presence for some time now. This includes actual play of Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition playtest, and Starfinder, as well as playtest discussions, delving into Golarion lore, and more.

A one-hour long, weekly show, this new addition to their regular lineup with Jason Bulmahn manning the GM throne, will, if prior Bulmahn streaming is any indication, be extremely entertaining. In addition, this will be our first glimpse into Pathfinder Second Edition since the end of the playtest. In the Twitch stream where Jason and Dan Tharp, Paizo’s Marketing Manager, announced Oblivion Oath, they made it clear that the stream is not intended to teach us the new edition—they won’t be explaining or revealing the rules beyond what is necessary for their own table needs. The focus of Oblivion Oath will be the story, roleplaying, and fun.

Doomsday Dawn was a playtest of the game—it had to serve the playtest, that meant jumping around, making new characters, all that sort of stuff, while that was really useful for making Pathfinder Second Edition work, it doesn’t make for the most fun stream, but this will. This allows us to have a group of players who are going to come back week after week. You’re going to be able to see their characters grow and advance. You’re going to hopefully see some of them die.”

This is a “chance for us to sit back and have fun and invite you to the game table with us to enjoy what Pathfinder Second Edition has to offer.” – Jason Bulman, February 28th @OfficialPaizo Twitch Stream

Over the next few weeks between the announcement and premiere on April 4th, we’ll get to hear the players introduce their Second Edition characters they’ll be bringing on this adventure. The staff actually had try-outs to see who would get to be in the party. The final band of adventurers includes Gabe Waluconis, Paizo’s Project Manager, Katina Davis, Customer Service, Sara Marie, Customer Service & Community Manager, and Owen K.C. Stephens, Starfinder Design Lead.

The game is set during the most recent and final first edition adventure path Tyrant’s Grasp. While spoiler free, this story will run concurrently with the events of the adventure path, beginning with the adventurers trying to escape Lastwall.

A glimpse of the new rules? Paizo staff having fun with Pathfinder Second Edition? Sign me up!

Want more Pathfinder? You’ve still got a day or so to get an enormous amount of Paizo PDFs, including most of the core Pathfinder First Edition rule books, through their 10th anniversary Humble Bundle—and there’s also still time to get signed up for PaizoCon 2019, always a blast!

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