Echo Chernik Brings Rothfuss’s ‘The Name of the Wind’ to Life in Beautiful Playing Cards

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Launching today, author Pat Rothfuss and artist Echo Chernik are teaming up on a Kickstarter project for some absolutely beautiful playing cards based on Rothfuss’s breathtaking novel, The Name of the Wind. The cards will be available in two backs, a Selas collection and a Chandrian collection. Each variant will have two decks, a regular and an alternate, each with different face cards. The intent is that you can mix & match the decks within a collection to create your own ultimate deck.

The art is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but you’ll expect that if you follow Chernik’s work. (She’s no stranger to the gaming world either, having contributed to Pairs, 12 Days, and Roll for It!, to name a few.) Her illustrations are available as prints, as part of the campaign and, if you’re looking for something really special, you can even have your likeness included on one of the prints. This is a perfect pairing, as Chernik’s art does a great job of bringing Rothfuss’s magical tale to life.

Of course there are a bunch of stretch goals that will only enhance an already amazing set of playing cards. So head on over and check them out now!

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