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Tic Toc and Tic Toc Tyke at a coffee table.

Fully has become a permanent feature in my home and office since GeekDad’s first product review of the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk. For my son’s health and enjoyment, I have relinquished the desk to him, while I’m using the Cooper at home, and I have taken the Cora to work, where just today, multiple people admired my sleek adjustable desktop standing desk converter.

All of the Fully desk options we’ve used allow us to switch between sitting and standing, so we don’t spend prolonged periods of time in any one position. In either case, when standing and when sitting, it’s important to also keep moving, and Fully has our back here as well.

The Cooper, Cora, and Jarvis reviewed earlier keep you moving by allowing you to fluidly shift between standing and sitting, but that’s just part of the equation. The Tic Toc products help with the next part, providing you either a chair or a balance board that encourages healthy movement. We’ve been using the Tic Toc Stand Balance Board and Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mats when standing, and have enjoyed the Tic Toc Chair for when sitting.

The Tic Toc Chair

The Tic Toc Chair has a simple form-fitting, swiveling seat, with a lever to easily control height. The base is curved where it contacts the floor, so you can easily rock the chair back and forth—swiveling and rocking to your heart’s content. I’ve used it at my computer desk, my sewing station, and at the gaming table. In addition, I’ve brought them into my class (I’m a teacher) and watched the kids discover, enjoy, and fight over the chairs. The students rush to be first to class to get ahold of the Tic Tocs so they don’t have to use the standard cruel-shoe classroom chairs.

“I like how it has a certain area where you can sit on it (shaped to your rear) and it can go up and down and rock,”  one student said referring to how the seat of the Tic Toc is contoured to your back-side. (The student actually used a different word!) Another student said, “This is the most comfortable stool ever.” And this was with the cushionless Tic Toc. I later also received the Tic Toc with the $50 add-on cushion—a nice addition.

The Tic Toc Chair has a wood seat and stand, with black metal telescoping support mechanism. The wood comes in natural or black and with or without an attached cushion.

The Tic Toc is a comfortable and simple chair, excellent for use when sitting at your desk. The rocking is a great way to keep moving and stay energized while working. I enjoy using this chair at both my full-size gaming/dining table and my low gaming coffee table as well. Its adjustable height allows me to sit at my desk at various more standard heights while being able to drop down low enough to play in the gaming vault of my coffee table. The seat ranges from 16.125 to 23.625 inches in height.

Fully Tic Toc Chair in Natural.
The Tic Toc Chair in natural wood. You can see the rocking bottom and the contoured seat. Image from Fully.com

Interested in making your gaming night a more comfortable and active experience– GeekDad’s Jonathan Liu wrote about using various Fully chairs used specifically for gaming.

Another interesting new product from Fully is the Tic Toc Together—two Tic Tocs connected at the base a few feet apart, allowing two people to rock together. Check it out!

Tic Toc Tyke

We also got to try out the Tic Toc Tyke. Available in natural, black, and red, the Tyke has the same contoured seat as well as the rocking base, again, allowing fidgety kids to move while sitting. Some of our elementary classes have allowed students to use balance balls for their seats, to allow movement while sitting, and the Tic Toc Tyke serves that purpose as well.

Three colors of Tic Toc Tyke (Black, Natural, Red)
Composite image from Fully.com.

The Tic Toc Tyke is not height adjustable and does not swivel like the full-size Tic Toc, but in addition to being a great seat for little ones at their little desks, I found the Tyke to be a perfect height for use by the more than full-size adults at my gaming coffee table.

Gamers using the Tic Toc
Gamers using the Tic Toc Chair and Tic Toc Tyke. The height adjustable Tic Toc lowers to a perfect height for my gaming coffee table. The Tic Toc Tyke, while not adjustable, happens to also be at the perfect height. Dramatization of actual gameplay… I forgot to take pictures of the chairs in use during gaming! Photo by Ryan Hiller.

I also tried out the Tic Toc Tykes in our elementary library and the kids liked them, clearly getting their fidgets out through the rocking that the Tic Toc Tyke allows for.

Tic Toc Balance Board and Topo Standing Mats

The Tic Toc Stand Balance Board provides similar encouragement for movement when standing. The base of the board is curved like on the Tic Toc chairs, so you can rock while standing.

There are other standing options as well from Fully, like the Topo Standing Mats, which offer a nice soft anti-fatigue surface, with contours allowing you to vary your standing and foot position for optimum comfort and movement. My youngest son loves the Tic Toc Balance Board when he’s standing at the Jarvis, and my oldest prefers the Topo Standing Mat. I like to switch between the two. The one issue I’ve found is that I need a place to put the chairs, boards, and mats that I’m not currently using!

A Standing Desk Is Just Part of the Picture

We have loved how the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk as well as the Cooper and Cora Standing Desk Converters encourage us to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. Again, the need to reduce constant sitting is so important that I’ve handed the Jarvis Bamboo (which I loved and SO miss) down to my oldest kid. While I try to balance my kids’ time in front of computers and other activities, I feel so much better about their computer time when they are switching between standing and sitting. But the desks are just part of the equation. Spending long periods of time in any one position exclusively is not great on one’s body. The goal is to be moving and changing position while still having an ergonomic and useful work area. That’s why I encourage the use of the Tic Toc Balance Board, and the Topo Mats while standing, and chairs such as the Tic Toc while sitting, and, yes, I also rotate in a regular office chair as well. Fully also has those.

With excellent options and a great selection, Fully has you covered for all your work desk needs!

Disclosure: Fully provided Tic Tocs, Tic Toc Tykes, and a Tic Toc Balance Board for review.

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