Fully’s Cora Standing Desk Converter– Sleek and Affordable, There’s No Excuse Not to Be Moving!

Cora Standing Desk Raised

The Cora Standing Desk Converter is another superb adjustable height desk option from Fully. Affordable at just $159 and “Designed with durability and flexibility in mind,” the Cora is easily placed on your favorite workspace, converting it to a desk that encourages movement.

The Cora Standing Desk Converter is another superb adjustable-height desk option from Fully. Affordable at just $159 and “Designed with durability and flexibility in mind,” the Cora is easily placed on your favorite workspace, converting it to a desk that encourages movement– allowing you to sit, or lift it with ease into a standing position. I’ve raved about Fully’s Cooper Standing Desk Converter, and the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Desk, and the Cora lives up to those high standards. Other GeekDad contributors have also jumped on my Fully desk bandwagon, Samantha Fisher discussed the Jarvis as a way to make her 12+ hour days spent in front of the computer healthier and more enjoyable in her A Busy Geek’s Guide to Wellness – Part 1 and Jonathan Liu showed us how Fully’s active seating options can bring movement into your game night as well.

With a maximum height of 15½ inches down to a tiny 1⅓ inches, the Cora has a much lower profile than the Cooper or of course the Jarvis, making it perfect for small space dwellers or others that need to convert dual-use spaces while still wanting a standing desk option.

Cora in up position
The Cora raises to 15½ inches (this image depicts the Cora at less than that). Note that I recommend placing your laptop on a stand for optimal viewing. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
Cora in down position
The Cora in its lowered position at 1⅓ inches high. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

Being a great space saving option, the Cora is excellent for apartment or dorm life, and at just $159 it’s an affordable option for those on a budget, or a great gift idea for your college bound kid. My experience with all of the adjustable height desks I’ve used is that I work better, more efficiently, and am happier when I use them. They allow me to change position frequently, neither stuck sitting all day, or just as bad, standing all day, I can easily switch between the two. When I want a break from standing, or am doing delicate tasks that require more precision I like being able to sit. When standing, in addition to being less sedentary, I find that leaving my desk in the standing position allows me better balance between computer time and the rest of my life when in the home office. When it’s in the standing position I find that I’m more apt to walk up to my computer and do a task or two, and get back to what I should really be doing, rather than when I sit at my computer to do a quick task I’m much less likely to get back up– especially if I grab my computer and plop on a couch, something I rarely do when I have my computer on a standing desk.

As with any desk, placing my laptop directly on the surface where the keyboard is puts the monitor below optimal viewing angle. You can see in the images of the Cora here that I have my laptop on a stand. You’ll definitely want some form of stand for an optimal experience. You’ll also either want a lower surface to put the Cora on or an adjustable height seat to get your arms at a perfect typing angle. I was using Fully’s movement-inducing and adjustable height Tic Toc for most of my review.

I found that, while being much smaller than the Cooper I was still able to get my raised laptop and a secondary monitor on the Cora– well within the 22 pound limit of the desk. The Cora comes in a black or white liquid-resistant laminate. You’d never know if you saw my typical work area, but I love a clean, empty work space, and the white Cora I reviewed had a beautiful clean look.

Cora Clean Work Space
I reviewed the white liquid-resistant laminate, a nice clean looking work area. Full disclosure… I took the Cora to my work for a photo shoot as my home work area, other than the Cora surface, was a mess. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

Easy and smooth to raise and lower the base mechanism is aluminum “lightweight but crafted to last, with non-skid pads to prevent damage to furniture surfaces.” It’s solid and stable, not shaking with use.

Cora underneath workings
Lightweight but stable aluminum base. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

Whether you’re living in a #TinyHouse, heading off to college, or just want to easily convert any surface in your home into a healthy and enjoyable adjustable-height work surface, the Cora is a perfect fit. Have more space? Check out Fully’s Cooper Standing Desk Converter, and my favorite the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Desk. All are great options to keep you moving while you work!

Discloser: Fully provided a Cora for review. All opinions remain my own.

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