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Send Your Kids to College With Everything They Need in One Box: The College Student First Aid Kit

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The College Student First Aid Kit
The College Student First Aid Kit

This post was sponsored by The College Student First Aid Kit.
My kids have seen me receive a lot of stuff for product reviews over the years, and while they’ve been interested in some of them (usually headphones), for the most part, that was dad’s thing. However, serendipity was on my side when the folks at The College Student First Aid Kit came to us as a sponsor. Both my boys were about to pack up their stuff and head back to their respective schools with the end of Summer, and it was time for mom and dad to make sure they had everything they might need.

My college students were delighted with The College Student First Aid Kit.

So, when the box arrived with these College Student First Aid Kits, I had them open it. They were floored. They said, and I quote, “this is the best review item you’ve ever got! This is perfect! I’m SO going to use this!”

The Story of the College Student First Aid Kit

The kits are the brainchild of Beth Palmer Stewart, a Nurse Practitioner who worked with many students in campus health clinics. When her own child was ready to head to college, she wanted to equip her with all the medical stuff she might need, and realized there were no good kits available on the market that would truly cater to the needs of college students. So, like any good parent would, she built her own.

Beth researched the needs of college students, and talked with everyone from students themselves, to doctors, administrators, and drug company representatives. In the end, she came up with a massively-useful kit filled with full-size, non-generic versions of all the medications and tools that might be needed in the day-to-day life of a matriculator.

What Comes in the Kits

There are actually three variations on the College First Aid Kit: the Premium, the Premium Plus, and the Travel kit. The baseline Premium kit includes the following: analgesics (both Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen), antacids, antihistamines, cold/flu relief, anti-diarrheals, sore-throat/cough lozenges, decongestant nasal spray, immune-system boosters, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, burn ointment, antifungal cream, gloves, antiseptic spray, first aid tape, Band-Aids (various sizes), gauze sponges, a digital thermometer, elastic, a self-closure ace wrap, alcohol pads, tweezers, Kleenex, an instant cold pack, a reusable hot/cold pack, and lip balm.

The Premium Plus ups the quantities on many of the above, and adds Meclizine anti-nausea medicine, a “Hangover Kit,” Murine Plus, an emergency eye wash, bandage scissors, a splinter kit and hand sanitizer. Both of those kits come in their own handy tackle-style box. The Travel Kit has most of the important meds in smaller quantities, as well as the bandages. You can see the comparisons in more detail here.

The Usefulness of the Kits

I’ll admit I’d be hard-pressed to say that our home stock of first aid materials would match up to what’s in these kits. From pain relief to dealing with minor injuries, everything is covered. Indeed, as each of my college students went through the contents of the kits, they remarked over and over again how useful each thing would be. They were tremendously impressed with the diversity of the medications and the usefulness of the tools. They snickered a little at the “Hangover Kit,” and oohed-and-ahhed at the volume of the meds and the quality.

In the end, I know I wish I’d had something like this when I went off the college. Having the right solution to whatever minor ailment you’re suffering is one of those things we take for granted as kids; mom or dad will know what to do! Not having that resource at hand is one of the downsides of being a young adult finally getting to experience life away from home. But with these kits, as parents, we can feel secure that we’re equipping our kids for all those little bumps and bruises, and even if we’re not there to kill it and make it better, when they use the kit, they’ll know we’re there in spirit to take care of them. Which is why I feel really, really good at sending my boys off with these in their bags.

How to Get the Kits

The Premium Kit costs $75, the Premium Plus Kit is $90, and the Travel Kit is $65. You can find them all at the College Student First Aid website.

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  1. I will be much calmer about my daughter’s health if she has such a set. She may not need any of this, but it is better to be insured.

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