Geek Daily Deals 031519 pono balance board

Geek Daily Deals Mar. 15, 2019: Pono Balance Board for Standing Desks – Save $20 With Our Secret Code!

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Geek Daily Deals 031519 pono balance boardGeek Daily Deals – Get the Pono Board and get even healthier at your standing desk; save $20 today with our secret code!

The Pono Board’s core strengthening movement is always level to the ground, as a result, it improves standing desk posture and ergonomics without distraction. In Addition, it’s easily added to any workout or exercise:

  • Core Strengthening – Easy movement increases core engagement. The level motion is always parallel to the ground, easily combining with any workout
  • Posture Correcting – Activate the body’s auto-correcting biofeedback to improve head to toe posture.
  • Increased Comfort – Decrease back and foot pain with a standing desk balance board for all-day comfort.
  • Boost Energy –  Boost Mood and Prevent Fatigue consequently increasing the time spent at a Standing Desk.
  • Live Balanced – Mindful motion challenges the core, not the mind.

Get one today and save $20 when you use secret code geeknow20.


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