Kickstarter Alert: The Maze of Games Circles Back With Answers

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Some of the goodies available in the newest Maze of Games Kickstarter. Photo courtesy of Lone Shark Games.

Puzzle enthusiasts and veteran members of our community may remember when we reviewed Lone Shark’s The Maze of Games, a sprawling book featuring levels within levels of twisting, interlocked puzzles.

Though the book came out a couple of years ago, it turns out that no one had ever found the final answer to the book’s mazes. Until this last February.

To celebrate this feat and help fund the 3rd printing of the book, the gang has started another Kickstarter full of treats that Maze of Games enthusiasts will have to have. Don’t have the original book yet? Don’t worry: Higher backing levels get you the book in digital or print form, so you can get yourself caught up. (For current owners, the new printing is virtually identical to the second printing and differs from the first printing in some small ways)

Backing rewards range from digital files of just the new stuff to full physical copies of everything. But all of them come with The Keymaster’s Tome, the answer guide for the main book; an audiobook of The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze (read by Wil Wheaton); a group of audio puzzles named The Gatekeeper’s Variety Hour; and, finally, either a discount or full entry for a new Seattle-based escape room based on the book’s universe.

If you like puzzles and have not yet entered this sea of challenges, you’re in for a treat. If you already own The Maze of Games, you can (along with me) kick yourself about the answers you missed along the way.

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