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Quick Hits: New Music from Sukey Molloy and Annie Lynn

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Okay I’m going to speak right to all the two- and three-year-olds who are regular readers of my reviews. No I haven’t lost my mind, I’m going to shake my keys to get their attention and then speak in a funny voice to the melody of “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad.” Come to think of it, that’s one of the easy-to-sing-along songs on Sukey Molloy‘s fifth CD, Five Little Oysters!

Sukey Molloy
“Five Little Oysters” from Sukey Molloy

Under the direction of Grammy-winning producer Larry Alexander (remember a guy named Springsteen? Bon Jovi? Bowie? Mozart, okay not him), Sukey goes full-toddler, from “It’s Raining It’s Pouring” to “The Ants Go Marching” to “This Old Man.” In between are some contemplative floor playtime tunes, “If I Were A Cat” and “Kitten Dance,” and it all wraps up in less than 40 minutes.

The only theme here is programming youngsters that these traditional favorites were here long before they were. And that there’s nothing wrong with sharing music, snacks, toys, pets, and even friends. Sukey’s got her act together and she’s taking it on the road with Five Little Oysters! to delight and teach under-fives just what the score is. And by score, I mean musical score. Okay, I’ll stop shaking my keys now.

Five Little Oysters! is available from Sukey Molloy’s websiteAmazon, and Apple Music.

Annie Lynn started writing songs as a teenager and wound up on television. With such an auspicious start, it’s no wonder she kept going. You could call her a “social justice warrior,” as he material covers bullying prevention, tolerance and acceptance of others, identity and self-worth, and determination and motivation.

Recorded before the current (and always ongoing) Washington brouhaha, Annie’s sing “Go Out and Vote,” urges everyone of voting age to do their civic duty. You can even find a karaoke version to sing for yourself. And remember, it takes less than two minutes to register to vote and voting for November 2018 has already started! Click her to register or to check your registration!

“Go Out And Vote” is available in regular and karaoke versions at Annie Lynn’s website and Soundcloud.

Here is the video for Annie Lynn’s song, “No Time For Hate”:

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