The New Avengers Poster Is Here!

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The new “one-sheet” poster for The Avengers has just been released, and it’s the most detailed one we’ve seen so far, by a lot. All seven main heroes are visible: Iron Man and Thor in the foreground, Hawkeye and Black Widow behind them, and Nick Fury, Captain America, and the Hulk further back. Loki, the main villain, is nowhere to be seen.

Avengers one-sheetAvengers one-sheet

I find it amusing that, despite obviously meant to be in the midst of a battle, none of the characters who usually sport headgear are wearing theirs (well, except for Fury’s eyepatch, but that doesn’t count). I know it’s a poster, and I’m sure the actors’ agents insisted that if anyone’s face was showing their clients’ should be too, but Iron Man without his helmet and Cap without his cowl just seem wrong. And there’s something odd about the perspective, too, since Cap looks taller than he should — at least, to my eye.

The new trailer drops tomorrow, so check back here for that around noon Eastern Time.

Added: I’ve just learned from MovieLine that the movie will be titled Avengers Assemble for its release in the U.K., so as to avoid confusion with the old spy TV series and the terrible 1998 movie based on it. You can see how people would be confused, since the setting, characters, and plot are all so very similar, right?

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