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This past Saturday, October 20th, Tommy Tallarico gave a speech at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (and live-streamed his talk on Facebook Live) and announced a brand new console from Intellivision called Amico. I am a huge Intellivision fan as it was the very first video game console that was purchased and brought into my home as a kid. The announcement is definitely an early one as the console is not due to be released until October 10th, 2020.

Be sure to also check out the hour-long video that is up on the Intellivision Facebook page, but in the meantime here are the notes I took from watching the event:

  •  Tommy Tallarico talked about the 4 pillars of Intellivision:
    • Simple
    • Affordable
    • Family
    • Fun
  • Modern controllers…to complicated
  • Console control menus are so complicated (mentioned how complicated it is turning on a PlayStation 4)
  • Amico is Italian for “friend”
  • Controllers for the Amico
    • Qi wireless charging for the controllers
    • Wireless, Bluetooth, gyroscope, speakers and a microphone
    • Up to 8 controllers can connect to the console at once
    • Will have a free app for your smart phone that will allow you to use your phone as an Intellivision Amico controller (don’t have to buy 8 controllers for 8 people to play)
  • All games are “E for Everyone,” no violent games on this system
  • No 3D games, 2D only
  • Game Pricing
    • $2.99- $7.99 download only
    • Will have limited edition physical games as well for those people who want something to collect
  • Will have a “Tournament Play” capability
  • Console will be sold for in the range of $149-$179
  • Re-imagined games
    • Updated original Intellivision games, but with the same simple controls
    • Updated graphics, audio, added levels, multi-player
    • Mentioned Utopia and Night Stalker (2 of my all time favorites)
    • Also remaking Atari classics (like Pong), and these re-made versions will be exclusive to the Intellivision Amico
  • Will also have 20 brand new games
  • Coming Oct 10th, 2020
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