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Review – Wonder Woman #48: Skippable

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Wonder Woman #48 variant cover
Would that this team-up was in the story. Image via DC Comics

Wonder Woman #47 – James Robinson, Writer; Jesus Merino, Artist; Romulo Fajardo Jr, Colorist


Ray – 4/10

Corrina: Lots of Jason, Almost Zero Diana. Pass.


Ray: With only three issues left of Robinson’s misbegotten run that had very little to do with Wonder Woman, we just got an annual that finally put her front and center and had some incredible visuals. But while she was gone helping the Star Sapphires, she left Jason alone on Earth against the Dark Gods. And you know what that means…it’s time for another Jason solo issue. Joy. Before I get into the plot, I’ve been reading comics for over 25 years now, and one of the stories that made the most impression on me as a young reader was Millennium Giants, where the DCU went up against ancient titans. It wasn’t a good story, but those villains were sure impressive. I’m a cranky old(ish) man now, and that youthful excitement has faded. So these “Dark Gods” do nothing for me. They’re generic monsters in stone monoliths, and when they emerge they start manipulating the people around them. One’s on fire, one’s a grim reaper type, and the other looks vaguely demonic.

Jason tries to fight them, but gets batted around and is generally useless. The Justice League shows up, and he gets to team up with the new roster (minus Superman and plus Supergirl) as they investigate the mysterious fourth God that hasn’t emerged. This leader of the Dark Gods, King Best, looms over the city menacingly but makes no move. So naturally, Jason and the League charge right up to him and investigate his form – and that wakes him up to rampage across Earth. He looks like a giant stone statue, so that’s four for four in generic.

These Dark Gods aren’t villains, they’re more of an obstacle than anything else. Jason flails around trying to fight them some more, but eventually, Diana shows up to save the day for the final showdown. This issue is basically the entire run – Jason screws something up and Diana has to fix it. I’d be surprised if, assuming he survives the next two issues, he isn’t put on a bus quickly by Orlando and the incoming regular writer. This experiment didn’t work at all.

Wonder Woman #48 page 5
The Dark Gods appear. Image via DC Comics


Dear DC: Stop Trying To Make Jason Happen.

Bring Back Donna And Cassie To This Title IMMEDIATELY. (Note: The proper Donna Troy, not the stupid retconned fake one.)


Wonder Woman Readers.

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