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Review – Suicide Squad #41: Deadshot Teams Up With Batman

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Suicide Squad #41 variant cover
image via DC Comics

Suicide Squad #41 – Rob Williams, Writer; Eduardo Pansica, Penciller; Julio Ferreira, Inker; Adriano Lucas, Colorist

Rating: Ray – 7.5/10

Rumor is that this run on Suicide Squad will be coming to an end soon, probably with #50. I’ve been pretty consistently hard on it, but Suicide Squad #41 is actually one of the best of the run. It picks up on a subplot from Williams’ brief run on Trinity last year, when the Trinity dealt with Deadshot and promised to help him get his daughter back from Kobra. Now, that promise has come due, and Batman is taking advantage of the chaos in Belle Reve following Hack’s attack in the previous arc to make his move. The issue kicks off with Deadshot in his cell, and Waller making clear to Katana she has no intention of helping him. As she goes to welcome a new recruit, Kobra is planning to resurrect their cult leader in the body of Deadshot’s daughter. The twisted snake cultists are creepy, but the issue isn’t very memorable until the second half, which is when Batman shows up and the action kicks into overdrive.

Suicide Squad #41 page 1
Deadshot in his cell. Image via DC Comics

Batman’s had a low-key rivalry with Amanda Waller for a while, and it kicked into high gear with Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and the arc that followed where Waller tried to kidnap back Killer Frost. Now, Batman strikes back, as he infiltrates Belle Reve when the Squad is at its weakest. He hacks Killer Croc’s brain bomb and uses him to take on the guards, makes his way through both staff and prisoners, and arrives at Deadshot’s sell. After recruiting Deadshot and escaping before Waller realizes what’s happening, he soon finds himself target #1 and has to face down his former ally Katana before making his way out. Katana, dropping more hints at their secret past in the Outsiders, lets him go and feigns innocence, but Waller has some suspicions which she airs to her new recruit – Captain Cold.

A little too much villainization for Waller and a thin story, but this is a fast-paced, exciting issue that delivers what it promises. Maybe a slimmer cast with more character focus is the ticket for this book?

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