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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 72: The Fungeon Family

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The weather’s heating up, so on this edition of Radio Free Hipster we dig down deep into the darkest, dankest, most danceable of dungeons. Damn.

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00:45 ToToM – “Bombs Over Voodoo People” (content warning)
05:29 Talking / djpretzel – “AMEN Reflux
06:14 Primal Winds – “Cut You Down (feat. Alexa Ourania)
09:20 Jonathan Coulton – “Pulled Down the Stars
12:08 LongBoxofChocolate and Philippe Delage – “Glitterbomb
16:00 8 Bit Weapon – “Underground Blips
18:58 More talking / djpretzel – “AMEN Reflux”
19:36 Ultraklystron – “U.D.P.” (content warning)
22:23 The Gothsicles – “Konami Code (fm_П_rmx by Pankow)
25:34 The Doubleclicks – “Extra Gin” (content warning)
29:32 DJ RoboRob – “Anime Bae (RoboRob Remix)
32:16 Even more talking / djpretzel – “AMEN Reflux”
34:01 The Grammar Club – “Gotta Let it Go (feat. MC Lars)”

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