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10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Kickstarter Projects

Time Since Launch

Pull the pin and measure an epoch. A long-scale timepiece from cw&t.


The Community Microscope Kit

A low-cost kit from Public Lab for environmentalists and everyone else.


Robot Missions Municipal Trials

Testing cheap robots that can be deployed to clean up beach litter.


MarsVR – Virtual Reality Platform To Support Exploring Mars

The Mars Society is building a simulation of a simulation of a Mars outpost.


MIX: The Smallest AR Glasses with Immersive 96° FoV

AR often suffers from a tiny field of view. ANTVR is fixing that.


xDroid – The first truly gamified RC car

With physical checkpoints for power-ups and such. See also RaceYaRotorX.


Hiuni: A Smart, Connected GoTo Telescope

Pick a celestial object in the app and Hiuni will point at it.


Super Anthony: The Battle Robot with 45 Kg Servo Force Punch

“One of the very few humanoid robots that can do a side kick!”


SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

Looks and sounds a lot better than your average voice-assistant gadget.


Emoji: the first hardcover book + app of the original emoji

The Standards Manual team goes deep on pictographic history.

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