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All the builds from the Bricks and Gears set, along with a few pieces left over. Photo: Jenny Bristol

Though, for many parts of the country, springtime means finally getting to go outside in the sunshine and warmer weather, if you live somewhere that has a rainy or snowy spring—or you just have children who like to play inside—playing with LEGO is always a fun activity. And this year has so many new sets that there is something that every LEGO fan can get into, including plenty that are spring themed.

LEGO Bricks and Gears

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My favorite new set that evokes images of spring is the LEGO Bricks and Gears set. With quick builds, colorful bricks, and hand-cranked motion, this set allows its builders to get outside in a virtual way and get things moving! They can climb trees, play on merry-go-rounds, or plant gardens. With several turning knobs, lots of durable gears, regular bricks, and specialized pieces, kids (and adults) can use their imagination to design machines, vehicles, movable scenes, and more.

The set comes with enough bricks and pieces to build all of the options in the building guide, with several pieces left over. You can then disassemble and reassemble, mixing and matching pieces to create wholly new things. Build cars, planes, or space ships. Put together dancing children, frolicking pets, or clouds that sway in the breeze. If you’re low on ideas (as I often am), the instructional booklet does include a few bonus suggestions for things to build. None of them have too many pieces, so it’s fun and easy to try different things out quickly.

The LEGO Bricks and Gears set has 244 pieces and is for sale on Amazon for $15.99, blowing my 10 cents per piece limit out of the water. Plus, right now there is free one-day shipping for Prime members.

Minecraft, Ninjago, Star Wars, Tron, and Duplo

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Free-form sets aren’t the only ones with spring themes (or new spring availability!). If creating blocky landscapes is your thing, there are several Minecraft sets that will fill the bill (such as the Jungle Treehouse or the Melon Farm). If spring means going on a voyage to parts known or unknown, hop on the LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty sailing ship, or perhaps Han Solo’s squeaky clean Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. Or imagine yourself in a video game with the Light Cycles from Tron: Legacy. And, for the littlest ones, Duplo has the LEGO DUPLO My First Large Playground Brick Box, with a slide and ladder, a car to ride, a swing, and a sandbox. Or, your kids can mix and match the pieces to design their own playground wonderland.

Whether you’re stuck inside because of the weather or you spend time inside by choice, LEGO has some cool new and/or themed sets to help you enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Note: I received a LEGO sample for review purposes.

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