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The Seneo PA014 Makes Wireless Charging Simple

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Seneo PA014

One of the reasons I continue to hold onto my aging Nexus 6 is the built-in wireless charging capabilities. Sure, plugging in a micro USB cable isn’t exactly difficult, but just dropping my phone on a Qi charger is even easier.

After more than a year of regular use, my old favorite, the Seneo Charging Pad, still works, but it’s seen better days. Multiple trips between my home and office and the inevitable wear and tear that occurs when even a small amount of heat is discharged in the Qi charging process has slowly caused its outer plastic ring to crack and shift.

Again, this doesn’t affect its functionality, but the occasional audible crack coming from the general vicinity of my phone never ceases to terrify me. Thankfully, my friends at Seneo recently sent me their latest innovation, the PA014 Fast Wireless Charger.

Unlike the old Charging Pad, this one is an upright charger with a simple “shelf” along that bottom that helps line your phone up with its pair of internal coils. A single green light lets you know your phone is charging, and it also gives you a helpful center point to align your device in its generous sweet spot.

Not only does this new design serves as a helpful upright stand, it also supports wireless Quick Charge 2.0 charging when combined with an optional AC adapter for models, like newer-generation Galaxy devices, that use this standard. Sadly, those of us rocking older tech can’t take advantage of this faster wireless solution, but it definitely gives me something to think about as I shop for a new mobile.

At a very reasonable $19.95 via Amazon, the Seneo PA014 hits the mark for price versus value, and its simple design and reliability continue to impress me. If you own a Qi-enabled device—especially one that also supports QC 2.0—this charger is an easy recommendation.

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