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My Little Dynamo – The Seneo Wireless Charging Pad

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seneo charge pad

I’ve recently made the jump from iOS to Android. While the transition hasn’t come without a few setbacks, I’m really quite happy in my new mobile environment. It’s taken time┬áto wrap my head around some things (like the myriad of Android hardware configurations), but some other aspects have simply blown said mind–like wireless charging.

My Nexus 6 supports the Qi inductive power standard, and, while it’s obviously not as fast as plugged-in charging, I’ve found it to be easy, reliable, and, well, a little bit like magic. I mean, I just set my phone down and it charges!

My current charger of choice is the Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad by Seneo. It’s a small, unobtrusive, black disk surrounded by a ring of clear plastic. A metal accent makes it easy to find where the micro-USB cable attaches, but aside from that it rather looks like some sort of futuristic coaster.

Simply attach the included USB cable (though you’ll have to provide your own power adaptor if you expect to use a standard wall outlet), plug it in, and rest your phone on the charger. I’ve actually experimented with a number of similar Qi chargers, and finding the “sweet spot,” the contact point where the actual induction occurs, can require some fiddling.

On my Nexus, for example, it seems to be situated directly beneath the “u” on the phone’s back panel. Because of the Seneo’s circular shape, however, I spent a lot less time trying to work through the requisite mental geometry. Instead, I simply sat my phone down with the bottom half resting on the round cradle. To my surprise, it began to charge instantly!

A cool (and unexpected feature) of the Seneo charger is its hidden LED array. Concealed inside that aforementioned clear ring is a series of blue lights that pulse gently as your device charges. Once your battery is fully charged, it glows a steady blue to let you know your phone is ready and you’re all set to get back to playing Pocket Mortys… or maybe that’s just me.

The Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad actually produces very little residual heat between your phone (or, in most cases, your phone case) and the charger itself. Given its budget price–it currently retails for $16.99 on Amazon–this was likely the biggest surprise. An amazing little charger for your home or office, the Seneo Wireless Charging Pad is a wonderfully functional piece of mobile tech at a budget price. What’s not to love?

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