Indiegogo Alert: CINEMOOD Storyteller Projector Literally Puts Video Into Kids’ Hands


Already funded but with over a week left in the campaign, the Indiegogo campaign for the new CINEMOOD Storyteller projector is definitely worth checking out.

Declared as one of the “14 coolest gadgets” at CES this year, this small, handheld projector will get families watching videos, looking at photos, and telling stories together. And at just over 3 inches cubed, it’s quite small and portable.

CINEMOOD connects to a cloud library that is regularly updated with new content, and also includes 20 hours of pre-loaded content such as cartoons, audiobooks, games, and more. You can also add your own videos, audio, and photos using any regular USB drive (using the included OTG cable) and do things like have a family slide show, peruse Facebook albums, watch YouTube videos, and see Instagram photos.

The CINEMOOD Storyteller. Image: CINEMOOD
The CINEMOOD Storyteller. Image: CINEMOOD

Watch it wherever you like, since it’s rechargeable and will easy fit into even small bags. All you need is a white wall or ceiling, or a screen. Take it with you camping, or set up an outdoor movie screen. Or just huddle in a room with the lights off telling stories and making shadow puppets. Playback time is 2+ hours and can project up to a 100 ft image, from one foot away to 15 feet away. It’s also been drop tested to 1.5 meters and comes with free firmware updates. The speakers are 2W and are apparently “surprisingly loud”. You can also connect external speakers or headphones by either the 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth.

CINEMOOD also has adorable covers to wirelessly download new content to the projector via NFC. Each cover has its own content.

There is also a companion mobile app that you can use to send video messages to the projector. Great for when your kids are separate from you, or for other family members and friends to send messages. The app also allows you to control how much time your kids can use with the projector and to control the projector itself.

For little kids, there are nighttime animations and lullabies. For the pre-school set, there are slides that serve as digital books, a shadow puppet theater, and interactive projections. Early elementary kids can enjoy the full content library, video messenger, and educational channels. And older kids and adults can also benefit from all of its capabilities.

The folks in charge are also working on API integrations for streaming providers of safe video content, so this product will be quite versatile. Even though this product is designed for kids and families, I’m just as excited as my kids are to try it out.

Visit the Indiegogo campaign now before it ends in a little over a week. And if you refer people to the campaign, you can get a hefty discount on your own pledge. The people in charge are dedicated to delivering the product on time, with units starting to ship in November. Perhaps a great gift idea for the holiday season! And, if they reach $100,000, which they have almost reached already, they’ll throw in the cinema screen for all backers.

The rear projection screen. Image: CINEMOOD
The rear projection screen. Image: CINEMOOD
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