10 Amazing New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Reading Time: 1 minute

Kickstarter Gadgets 042916

Dualo – The new musical instrument for all

Of course the French would come up with a cool looping digi-accordion.


MOON – the most accurate lunar globe

If you 3D-printed this 20 million times bigger, it’d be just like the real thing.


AirJamz: The Wearable Air Guitar

The makers of the Jamstik have built something stupid-fun.


Melomind : the ultimate relaxation headset

Bluetooth headphones with EEG sensors create a feedback loop with your ears/brain.


XTH Sense – The world’s first biocreative instrument

Lets you use bio-data to power games, musical compositions, art projects…


MOKUMONO – A high quality bike built by robots

The Dutch love bikes, but no longer make them. This team wants to change that.


Noria: Cool, redefined.

Installing this slim window air-conditioner won’t endanger pedestrians below.


All New Little Robot Friends

An upgrade to a fun line of programmable circuit-board robots that speak “beepboop-ese.”


Electronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog’s Sonic Journey

Documentary about the life and legacy of the synth guru, featuring his daughter.


New Robot to Explore the Depths of Yellowstone Lake

Who knows what’s lurking in those thermal vents?


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