Breaking: ‘Tron: Legacy’ (Finally) Goes Analog with LEGO® Ideas

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Tron Legacy Lego box art
Image: LEGO

Eight years ago, Tron: Legacy hit the silver screen, reviving the cult classic universe of Tron. Thanks to LEGO® Ideas, we now get to see another revival, this time in a build-able kit featuring 230 pieces. The TRON: Legacy (21314) kit features 3 minifigures, two Light Cycles, accessories, and a booklet full of information on the set’s creator and on the film.

Tron Legacy Lego minifigures
Image: LEGO

The featured minifigures are Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler. Sam Flynn comes with a Memory Disc and Light Cycle helmet. Quorra comes with an Identity Disc and her sword. Rinzler comes with his iconic helmet and signature separating Memory Disc for combat. Every minifigure has a post on their back for their Identity Disc to mount on, giving them an unexpectedly authentic feel.

Tron cycle from the Tron Legacy Lego kit
Image: LEGO

The Light Cycles are authentic recreations of the 5th-gen Light Cycles featured in Tron: Legacy. They feature minifigure-compatible seats, translucent light-style elements, and light power stream effects.

tracks from the Tron Legacy Lego kit
Image: LEGO

Included in the set is a display grid which allows you to mount the Light Cycles for display. The same grid can be re-arranged to recreate the chase scene or customized however you like.

Tron Legacy Lego kit
Image: LEGO

The LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy set (21314) has 230 pieces, and costs $34.99. Though this is beyond the 10-cent rule, It’s a reasonable enough price for an epic kit with lots of specialized pieces and three minifigures. You can find the kit in stores and on Amazon starting March 31st, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tron Legacy Lego cycle
Image: LEGO

What’s your favorite scene from Tron: Legacy? Will you recreate the chase scene or the Identity Disc combat first? I’m going for the combat scene, personally. I love Quorra, and can’t wait to send her into the fray!

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