mohu leaf chroma in blue/black

Add a Little Color to Your Life With Mohu’s Leaf Chroma HDTV Antenna

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mohu leaf chroma in blue/black
The Mohu Leaf Chroma in Frost Blue/Midnight Black

For many cord-cutters, Mohu is the first (and last) name in OTA HDTV antennas. The original Leaf is the bedrock upon which Mohu’s reputation is built, and a steady stream of newer, more refined models has helped keep the company at the forefront of hi-def broadcast technology. Their latest innovation, the Leaf Chroma, is a colorful solution for those of us who prefer to supplement our steaming entertainment with free local channels rather than face steadily increasing fees for cable or satellite TV.

With regard to performance and setup, the Chroma is very similar to Mohu’s previous Leaf Glide model. Like the Glide, this amplified indoor antenna draws power from your television’s USB service port (or a standard outlet using an included USB adaptor), and it’s 16-foot cable and multidirectional design allow it to be mounted practically anywhere to maximize its 65-mile reception range.

It’s also ultrathin and boasts a two-color, reversible design, but that’s where the similarities end. While the Glide is a whopping 21.5-inch by 11.5-inch device in your standard tech color scheme—that being, of course, black and white—the new Chroma is a daintier 25-inch by 7-inch antenna, making it that much easier to integrate into your already crowded viewing space. As the name implies, the Chroma also eschews the classic black-and-white for a number of new color options.

Already, the Chroma is available in two color combinations: the ultra-modern Frost Blue/Midnight Black and the more neutral Tranquil Grey/Easy Beige (the shades of my review unit). Moreover, Mohu assures me that additional colors are on the way.

mohu leaf chroma in grey/beige
The Mohu Leaf Chroma in Tranquil Grey/Easy Beige

You see, while Leaf antennas have historically gone for a discreet, vanilla design, the Leaf Chroma, has, at last, embraced the “mount anywhere” nature of the line and seeks to be a part of your room’s décor as opposed to just being another electronic item that’s profile you seek to downplay.

Best of all, though, the Mohu Leaf Chroma gives you all the performance of the Glide with a smaller price tag. Available now for $69.99 via Amazon and through Mohu’s own online storefront, the colorful Chroma comes in at a cool $20 cheaper than its big brother.

Whatever your viewing needs, there’s certainly a Mohu Leaf model engineered specifically to fit them, but, pound for pound, the Chroma Designer Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna is their best offering to date. Its clean, colorful design, smaller footprint, and cheaper price serve to make it the standout product of their already outstanding line.

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