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Go Long With the Leaf Glide Amplified HDTV Antenna

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Like a growing segment of Americans, I am a cord-cutter. I get the bulk of my television entertainment from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video—and, if we’re including my kids, YouTube—much to the chagrin of my local cable provider. But streaming content isn’t my only entrainment source: there are also digital OTA broadcasts.

Since 2014, my family has used Mohu antennas almost exclusively. I love their story (the original idea for their low-profile antennas came from a desire to embed sensor tech in the mud flaps of military vehicles), I love that they are “just up the road a piece” in Raleigh, and, most of all, I love their products.

Since I live in the foothills of South Carolina, my model of choice has long been the Leaf 50, a powered solution that boasts a 50-mile range in its slight black and white form. However, Mohu has recently forced my hand, making me pick a brand new favorite with the introduction of the Mohu Leaf Glide.

With its increased surface area—the Glide’s nearly 22-inch width dwarfs the older 12-inch Leaf—this new iteration also outperforms its smaller predecessor, offering a 65-mile range to the original Leaf’s 50. That may not seem like a big difference at first blush, but I’ll remind you that it also means the Glide even has a more expansive reception radius than Mohu’s sizeable outdoor antenna, the Sky 60. (Moreover, the Glide is tuned specifically to help capture the signals of those tricky lower-frequency channels!)

Despite its larger footprint, the Leaf Glide installs just as easily as its other powered indoor antennas: simply affix it to a convenient wall or window, connect it to your television via the included cable, and plug it into your TV’s USB service port. Then, after running a quick channel setup, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy its stronger, wider reception.

At $89.99, the Glide is only $20 more than the standard MSRP of the trusty Mohu Leaf, and it’s available via Amazon and Mohu’s official online store. Pick one up now, and add another amazing option to your cord-cutting arsenal.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Mohu

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  1. Thanks GeekDad for sharing this article. I will have to get this antenna and try it out myself. I also live in the Upstate of Sout Carolina. I am located in Anderson.

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