LEGO Valentine Bee

Bee Mine! A LEGO Valentine’s Day Tale

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LEGO Valentine Bee
Image: LEGO

A LEGO Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a lonely bee. It hovered from flower to flower, pollinating, but its heart just wasn’t in it. The honeycomb wasn’t buzzing as it once was, and, since the new queen’s arrival, the other bees just weren’t swarming. This lonely bee knew it was special, but sometimes it just felt like it was only part of a hive mind. This bee resigned itself to a life of lonely toil, of being alone in a crowd.

Then one day, after a long day of pollinating, while resting in the hive, another bee came up to the lonely bee, holding a heart and a honeypot in its legs. Flanked by nearby flowers, this bee and its delicate wings and rosy cheeks was a sight for sore compound eyes.

“Here,” the visiting bee said, holding out the heart. “This is mine, and I’m giving it to you.”

The lonely bee’s antennae stood up. This was it. The lonely bee would be lonely no more.

“Thank you,” said the no-longer-lonely bee.

From then on, they pollinated flowers together, and the hive’s honey production increased.

A LEGO Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, you can make LEGO a part of your time spent with loved ones, whether you’re spending the day with a romantic partner or your kids. This year’s new LEGO Valentine Bee BrickHeadz set is a fun way to integrate LEGO into the holiday.

Made of 140 pieces, this affordable token of your affection is an ideal warm-up to whatever other romantic (or fun) plans you have for the day. You can get it at the LEGO Shop for only $9.99. (The set is also available on Amazon, but is inexplicably over $20.)

Some other LEGO Valentine’s Day kits (from past years, I believe) are still available on Amazon, such as the Romantic Valentine Picnic and the Seasonal Valentine’s Day Dinner, or you can get a Classic set which will have plenty of red bricks for making hearts! Though I’m eyeing the LEGO Flower Display set.

LEGO is a perfect way to tell someone you love them. At least in our family.

Other Holidays

LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Bunny
Image: LEGO

(And it’s never too early to start thinking about LEGO for Easter and other spring holidays! Maybe the Easter Bunny can visit your house in LEGO form, or put a LEGO Classic Quad Pack in your kids’ baskets.)

LEGO Classic Quad 1
Image: LEGO
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