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Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ Season 2 Answered Questions… and Raised More!

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Note: Below you’ll find a modified version of my earlier Glitch Season 1 post where I asked some questions and had some good discussion with readers in the comments. Now Season 2 is out… let’s talk about it.

While many of us wait for Season 3 of Stranger Things, Netflix has released Glitch Season 2. Glitch is an Australian production that offers up a slightly creepy and mysterious premise–a small town police officer discovers a small group of individuals have risen from the dead in the local cemetery. That’s all I’m going to tell you other than it’s not a show for everyone (especially kids)–strong language, sexual content, nudity, and violence. It’s not really a spoiler because it’s in the series description, but I will avoid any further discussion here and warn you away from reading any further. Here’s a link to the original Glitch Season 1 post and discussion. Below I’m going to share some of the questions I now have after finishing the six 1-hour Season 2 episodes.

Glitch s2 group

So… stop reading NOW if you wish to avoid any spoilers.

Seriously… don’t read any further unless you want more than a few surprises ruined.


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Okay, so if you’ve read this far I’m going to assume you’ve watched the full Season 1 and Season 2 episodes and are familiar with the character names and such. You probably have questions, and I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. And if you have answers to any of my questions, please share! I may very well have missed something!

1. Season 2 starts with a flashback of Dr. Elishia reviving at the morgue and then heading to her house to grab a few things (but not her medical notes). She’s got enough memories back to find her way home, but she doesn’t remember the notebook? Also, the question of how Elishia came back is now front and center. How did she manage that? Did she dose herself with the chemicals? She said she died of a stroke, which is likely not something she could predict, right? So if the sound tech is required to revive, who did it? Or does Elishia not require it for some reason?

2. Beau’s step-dad Phil revives after an explosion on an oil rig, and he comes back as one of the “hunter”-types going after the original revived. So it appears that the “hunter” can revive anywhere, not just in Yoorana. They’re not affected by the boundary, apparently. This means their return is NOT from Dr. Elishia’s methods. Later in the season, we learn from Phil that he’s returned with a task (to kill the Returned), so apparently it’s okay for THEM to return to life, but not the ones from Elishia’s experiments. It’s not apparent whether or not these “hunters” can kill non-Returned. Phil seems to have knocked out the Noregard staff and I can’t recall him or Sarah killing anyone other than a Returned, right?

3. Speaking of Noregard. I completely missed it for the first season, but I like the play on words. No Regard. (For life?)

4. John (William) finds out he’s not a murderer. He’s an ex-officer, and we see him in one episode having died (drowned). And then he returns to life. He and Elishia have this link, and apparently they do not require the science/tech to come back to life. He thought he was a murderer because he knew he was hanged for it, but another memory in Season 2 shows him that he just stumbled upon the murders and must have been lumped in with the real murderers. What wasn’t answered (or was it?) was where he came from–a ship is seen in the harbor and a small sloop is on fire just off shore with bodies everywhere. What was that about?

5. Dr. Nicola Heysen is an odd character. You know you can’t trust her, but she really hasn’t done anything too horrible yet. She cut off William’s fingers to test a theory, but they did grow back as she expected. She did lock Charlie, Kirstie, and Kate in the lab, but maybe that was for their own protection? Of course, her assistant tells Kate that the three are “valuable,” so maybe she still intends more experiments. And then, at the end of Season 2, we see her talking to a revived Phil (???) as she drives him back to the lab. How did he revive? If he died and came back, why didn’t Vic from Season 1? Why didn’t Sarah come back? (Or maybe she will?)

6. We did find out more about Charlie and Kirstie’s backstories… but I didn’t get anything there that didn’t further the main plot, only their sub-plots. A nice twist to find policeman Chris has a brother with the arm tattoo. Chris hopefully gave Kirstie some closure at the end with his wanting to reopen the case, but will he? And is Kirstie done with going after Chris’ brother for revenge? And Charlie seems to have finished his self-discovery. He knows how he died, but is there anything else we need to know about Charlie?

7. Poor Paddy. I hated to see him killed, but such a great character and he did his family right in the end. One question I do have about him, though: James figures out that each of the Returned came back because when Elishia was doing her experiment; these Returned were the ones that were being remembered at that exact moment. James – Kate. Chris – Kirstie. Beau – Paddy. Elishia – John. Do we need to know who was thinking about Maria, Carlo, and Charlie? Will that be important to the story? (Also interesting that Beau was thinking about his dead father, but his thoughts revived Paddy, his ancestor. Related, definitely, so is the thought-thing limited to Yoorana or have a radius AND does it pick the closest dead person it can who’s within the range? If I were thinking about my deceased 3rd grade teacher buried in another city, would a teacher have been revived in Yoorana?

8. At the end of Season 1, John blows the whistle and ALL of the surviving Returned have this moment where their eyes widen and they’re reliving a memory. If the whistle can do that, why go through all the trouble of creating the sound effect with salt? Dr. Heysen clearly had William’s whistle the first time she brought him to the lab, and Elishia went back to retrieve the whistle from John’s unmarked grave. Clearly the whistle has some sort of power, so why didn’t Heysen figure that out? And was it John/William blowing the whistle at the end that will revive Elishia or is it the whistle PLUS the tech/chemicals? You can see the outline of the symbol in the dirt around Elishia’s grave right before the last episode fades out, so are we to take that as Elishia is coming back? (I hope so.)

9. Elishia hints to William that they have this history. Why not just tell him? She dances around it and never really answers his questions and then she gets killed. Nice job. Why didn’t she just tell him everything?

10. What are we supposed to take from William’s fingers growing back? Does this mean they can’t be killed unless they go outside the boundary? Paddy died, but might he have revived if James and Beau hadn’t driven beyond the boundary? Or can they just heal fast and regrow limbs? We saw Phil’s face healing quick, but why didn’t Vick’s head wound heal? Kirstie’s leg healed, and Charlie survived a bullet wound, but we really don’t know if the special healing ability works for anyone other than John/William and the hunters. Or did I miss something?

11. What was that thing about the mouth-to-mouth transfer of knowledge? And Phil can get that close to Kate and doesn’t kill her? He gets the info about Elishia from her, but then leaves her and the other sleeping Returned there unharmed? Odd. And Sarah apparently has forgotten her tasks and requires Phil to do the mouth-to-mouth to strengthen her resolve to kill? And Sarah was definitely on board with the hunter thing–she had Charlie in her sights, but the phone call distracted her. Otherwise, Charlie would have been shot. She didn’t hesitate with Paddy. Is it Nia that keeps her from shooting Kate? And what was with that brief flash of stars and Nia as Sarah dies? Was it just a “thinking of my daughter as I die” moment? It felt out of place.

12. Why is the boundary shown in the shape of the hexagon/Benzene molecule? Is it because they only tested six locations? Probably.

13. Everyone’s happy at the end because the boundary is back up, but how long will it last? No one seems to wonder if it will shrink again. They all let Dr. Heysen drive away a bit too easily. Yeah, she threatens to make it all public, but that wouldn’t work for Noregard and I would have called her bluff on that. Hopefully James is suspicious enough, but then again… he’s taking Nia out of Yoorana. Kate and Owen are a thing, so I can’t think of a reason for James to come back. Well, I can… Sarah… Vick… lots of reasons he might need to get back to Yoorana.

14. Speaking of Owen. He makes that phone call after Kate spills the beans. Is he calling someone because he wants to use the chemicals/tech to revive the college student he killed and went to jail for? Is he calling someone to try and profit on the discovery?

15. One theory had it that all the Returned were linked because they were all murder victims, but Kate wasn’t killed by Sarah and Charlie killed himself. Maria died in a car wreck (unintentional). So this theory goes away and is replaced by the one about someone thinking about someone buried in the Yoorana cemetery at the time of the experiment. So… season 2 closes with John/William in the cemetery and he blows the whistle and is (probably) thinking about Elishia. Is James thinking about Sarah as he drives out of town? Who else buried in that cemetery might revive in Season 3 because someone was thinking about them when the whistle is blown?

Lots of questions answered… lots of new ones. I sincerely hope that Glitch gets a 3rd season, and it does seem to be a very popular show in Australia right now, so hopefully local ratings combined with Netflix stats can get us six more episodes. If you’ve watched the episodes and enjoyed them, do recommend them. The more attention this great little show gets, the better. Remember to tell your friends that each season is ONLY a short six episodes. Easy to catch up!

All right… let’s hear your thoughts on Glitch Season 1 and 2. Do you have any questions? Did you see something that everyone else missed? Do you have some theories? Let’s go…

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71 thoughts on “Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ Season 2 Answered Questions… and Raised More!

  1. Great article, I had many of these questions myself and the only insight i can maybe add is maybe the person thinking about charlie was Russell, He seemed to have an odd infatuation about him. Also Leon Maria’s husband may have been thinking about her, or maybe the boy she was accused of having sex with… Who knows I really hope its gets a 3rd season bc there is nothing worse then a series getting cancelled with unanswered plot holes!

      1. Carlo’s brother died the same night they came back didn’t he. So probably thinking about Carlo on the way out

  2. First and foremost, I have to say, great questions and plenty of the same I had. I have a theory: I believe John/William and Elishia are supernatural beings just like the “Hunters”. Elishia seemed to have used “today’s science” to bring back William, because chances are they never spent enough time together in their previous lives due to untimely deaths and apparently, it takes time to recover your memories after rising from the dead, if we’ve learned anything from the two seasons.

    However, the use of science this time around had a side effect: it gave way to the risen. Since nothing is disclosed about past revivals of Elishia and William, there’s really no way to tell if there were other rising dead in their past lives. Nonetheless, William seem to now know that the whistle is a key part of the process.

    I have a feeling this last whistle will give way to the rising of Elishia – and others! We are not going to like the results, or will we? I theorize also that one of the “new” risen will be a sinister character who will wipe out some of our beloved season 1 risen, but James, William and Elishia will take care of business.

    Since Phil is (gulp!) alive, I have a feeling that him and Heysen will team up in nefarious ways – perhaps Heysen will learn more about the process of rising people from their graves or worse yet, find some way to bring more “Hunters” to life. I have no hopes for Sarah returning, unless she’s now in Nia’s body – very unlikely, given that a person must be theoretically “freshly” dead to give way to a “hunter”, so Sarah’s not returning.

    I can see a rekindle of James and Kate, but that would be very “cliché” and probably not clever – these writers have been, so far, very clever – but still a possibility in the scheme of things. I believe Nia will be the “missing link” between the “hunters” and the risen. I can picture the next season starting out with a “7 years later” banner, but who knows, as that would then add myriads of new questions, not the least, “what happened to our beloved risen during that time?”.

    Let’s assume the boundary is lifted for good. Does that mean now that we will see more filming outside of the fictional Yoorana? That could be a possibility since James left town and frankly, it could be a result of Netflix chipping in to co-produce the series to up the international appeal (although I like the small town feeling). However, let’s not forget that Noregard is a huge corp and technically speaking it all started in Melbourne where Elishia woke up after being dead. They could even attempt to bring in her girlfriend in Season 3, which would then up the William/Elishia/Girlfriend triangle ante.

    I have a feeling Kristi and Charlie will be the next centerpiece of season 3. Their story, although known now, would be the next reasonable thing to explore, unless… they are killed by the nefarious (and for now fictional) “new” risen character I referenced above or end up being Phil’s hunted, in the first episode of season 3. Otherwise, how do you keep them relevant in the new season?

    Anyways, this series is more intriguing than any other one I’ve seen exploring this topic.

    1. Great comments… I agree with everything you’ve said. I do think that Charlie and Kirstie have run their course. Kirstie found her killer and he’s pathetic and has no memory and there’s really little Kirstie can do beyond just confronting him and making him beg for his own life.

      Charlie found out he was a suicide, but the electroshock, tuberculosis, and the war memories all played a strong part in that. He’s accepted it (I think) and his story is done IMO. I do think one or both of them won’t see the end of Season 3… they’re great actors and characters, and they’ve done well.

      I do think we’ll see newly risen. That scene with the chemicals being sprayed all over the cemetery followed by William’s blowing of the whistle and that strange symbol in the dirt… gotta have more Returned I think.

      Yes, Nia has got to have some part of the story. Well, I hope so.

      The show is apparently a huge hit in Australia, so I’m really hoping we hear good news for season 3 soon.

  3. Very good points. I do believe that Leon was thinking of Maria, Carlo’s brother was thinking of him, and the barkeep was thinking of Charlie. I believe that Elisha had doused the cemetery in the chemical since she didn’t know the exact spot where William was buried. And she created the sound frequency the night “they returned”. And the graves that had been doused and were being thought of that night were the ones that returned. She just didn’t expect that others would come back.
    I believe she and William were other worldly beings that have melded/taken over deceased human bodies with their consciousness. The “hunters” are sent to retrieve them back and to “fix” the effects of Elisha’s experiments, the “Glitch to the system of humanity”. The returned hunters are very awkward and unsure of human life. Vic didn’t know to pee until he saw a man do it in the restroom. Sarah had no clue what to do with a baby. Thank God for the mid-wife! They still have the human memories in the body. Just not the experiences. Kinda like leftover echoes.
    The picture that James found in Heyson’s room of her with 2 young girls I believe definitely foreshadowed a reason for why Heyson does what she does. That Heyson has 2 deceased daughters that she desperately wants to bring back and will do anything to do so. Owen will be a slime ball. And he will definitely end up a “hunter” unless he already is. This will open Kate’s eyes.
    There has to be a avenue for James and Kate to end up back together. Yes it’s cliche. Yes it’s expected. But there are some connections that are just too strong. Like Elisha and William, James and Kate are just intertwined. Owen betraying Kate and the other returned will be what brings she and James back together.
    Kirstie’s baby will be the biggest surprise. It’s a new being, it does not have memories. It’s cells were obviously there and so it returned. I’m most excited to see how the writers handle that.

    1. Love your thoughts, Leanna. Some good stuff here. Totally missed the photo of the two daughters, and I think you nailed it there. Not sure about Owen being a hunter… there may be other groups or organizations at work or it may just be that he sees potential for a payoff somehow.

      I agree that the baby will have some effect on the bigger story, and yeah… I do think that Kate and James will get back together.

      As for William and Elishia, they are definitely not “normal” humans. I can’t wait to find out more about the hunters and how they differ from William and Elishia.

      Thanks for your comments!

    2. Yay!!! is reporting that Glitch season 3 has been renewed by ABC !!!! It says release date for season 3 is late 2018!!! So happy that they are bringing this show back!!

  4. What if the baby died when Sarah did and came back also? James was crossing the bridge when the season ended. Will he find ashes in the car seat? I hope there is another season. Too many unanswered questions.

    1. Only the returned from the graveyard have the boundary. The hospital where Sarah died and “hunter being/Sarah” came back was out of the Yoorana boundary anyways. Sarah and Phil and Vic and Elisha could all go wherever they want. So even if the baby died and was sent back “hunter being/Nia” she won’t turn to ash when they cross the boundary. Hope they bring it back for a bunch more seasons so we can see! A bit of a time jump would be cool to see if Nia is different though!

    2. My husband and I found Glitch in Netfliks and we binge watched both seasons in 2 nights. We LOVE this show!! Glad to hear there will be a Season 3. We are in California by the way.

      Regarding Nia dying when Sarah died, she was already born when Sarah started bleeding but we thought Nia’s eyes looked very dark at the end of Season 2 close up. I personally think that Elisha and William are aliens which would explain the connection thing and the hunters are sent to re-balance what Elisha did to bring William back.

    3. The question that’s keeping me awake at night is what happened to Paddy’s second hat in season 2 episode 1. In the cafe scene with the lawyer he puts his hat on his head and stands up, he then bends over and picks up his hat up off the floor and puts it on his now hatless head…. I thought this was going to be a show ending cliff hanger but it looks like im the only one to notice this. I won’t rest until the missing hat is given a true meaning. Hatgate! It started here.

      1. Obviously, the Russian in the Pine Barrens (another dropped storyline, this one from The Sopranos) is wearing it!

        1. I thought that was a gun too, but it wasn’t. It was his bottle of beer. Sarah still has the gun after he leaves.

          Which brings up the question of why was he dragging an open bottle of beer around with him everywhere, but set it down in the doorway to tip Kirsten off that someone was in the house. Maybe he just forgot he had it? He drove Sarah home with it, too, and carried it into the house, then back out of the house. The guy likes his beer, I guess.

  5. Just curious… Kristi pregnant? It seemed that way when she looked at herself in the mirror. If so, do you think the father would be Charlie? Looking forward to Season 3!

    1. I’m pretty sure that Charlie is gay…

      I think Kirstie was pregnant when she died, she just didn’t know it. ????

    2. Oh, man! I totally forgot her being sick and rubbing her stomach. That’s a real twist that keeps Kirstie in the series for a while… her baby would also be a Returned and at risk from hunters. I wouldn’t mess with Kirstie at all, so imagine how dangerous she’ll be protecting a baby.

    3. Charlie is gay, Kirsty is pregnant from her being raped in her ‘original’ life before being strangled (like her friend the estate agent was pregnant also)

  6. Kirstie was surely pregnant before she died , the man she thought murdered her (her boyfriend at the time) mentioned babies they never had when she met him by the lake ?

    I hope Sarah comes back nice and gets back with James and kate and Owen (if he’s nice) work on things !

    1. I didn’t even think about her boyfriend being the father of Kirstie’s baby! I was thinking the guy who killed her got her pregnant, too, like her friend ended up. That would be great if her boyfriend got redeemed not only by being cleared (if the case truly is re-opened) and then to actually have a baby after all. Not sure how that will play out though. I definitely think Elishia will come back and that others will, too. When I first saw Owen on the phone, the way he was speaking, I thought maybe he was talking to another that may have risen like Kate. But something tells me he may be a villain and that relationship isn’t going to end well. I just don’t see it working with them.

      I think with Kirstie being pregnant, there’s definitely more story there. I think there’s still more to Charlie, too, but he may not make it to the end of the next season (hoping there is one!!).

      This show is one of the best I’ve seen in a while! I just binged Season 1 and 2 in the last few days. I truly hope it gets renewed for season 3 and we don’t have to wait too long. It reminds me of The Leftovers – different storyline about death and mystery around it and “supernatural” beings, but also tied to Australia – only somewhat more believable. I loved The Leftovers, but it started to get a little too out there. Truly love this show and love everything everyone pointed out in this article and in the comments!!

  7. James and Nia did not cross the border on screen, yet.
    What if Nia’s eyes start to bleed when he does, in episode 1 of season 3?

    1. Nia was born when her mother starting having complications and then she died in surgery and came back. Nia is not a returned

      1. I began thinking Nia was “infected” through Sarah’s breast milk. The writers sure made a point to include the feedings in the story.

  8. Nia was out of Sarah before she turned so I think she’s safe. However, that whole speech about love and connection at the end by Sarah makes me think it’s Nia who is thinking of Sarah when William blows the whistle. Question- can hunters rise after they’ve officially died (assuming Sarah as a hunter did die vs Phil)? And bigger question: Are the hunters the good guys? There to put the universe in order and prevent the same mistakes, accidents, cancers, etc from happening again? This show starts out like redemption for the risen but hasn’t more bad come out of the rising than good? Sarah, Vic, Phil- their deaths weren’t random in my mind- they were forced to die. Kate and James don’t get back together. Kevin doesn’t get his time back from prison. Vic’s hunter is almost compassionate when explaining to Charlie and William why it’s better they stay dead. Other question: What do they tell Beau’s Mom about why Phil went nuts when she let him into Noregard? And don’t you think Sarah’s family would investigate her disappearance? One more thing to note: Owen was into taxidermy – preserving the dead. Coincidence?

  9. Good sci-fi should have rules to work, otherwise it is just nonsense.

    That in mind, my thoughts:
    1. William and Elishia – these are humans that died but are then their bodies are inhabited by spirits of another place. Could be creatures from another planet, dimension, existence etc. I believe they were lovers in that other place but also that they were persecuted there and may have been punished or exiled because of it. William’s spirit was punished first, hence his first rising up from the dead after the shipwreck and the drowning event (fear of water thereafter) and his confused state about how humans work in the 1800’s led to him getting hung for murder erroneously. Fast forward two centuries and now Elishia’s spirit arrives on Earth – near Williams body, is there a gateway in Australia? – and takes over freshly died body of the research doctor. She uses the combined knowledge of her people from other place and what human Elishia has learned to develop a way to get her soulmate William back to life. Side effect to the procedure is memory loss – by the way, expect risen Elishia to have same memory issues as William, but at least they are now even: each with one possession and one reanimation.
    2. “Hunters” – these again are from that other place and are sent to fix and or punish the runaway spirits as well as clean up the mess that Elishia is creating with all of this reanimation stuff. (For those who remember “The Hidden” is a movie about an alien copsent to earth to track down an alien criminal, this will a bit familiar.) A hunter must be freshly dead (as with William and Elishias initial possessions) and may have specific orders to go after particular part of the disorder created; although there is flexibility if other hunters are lost or fail to execute their orders. Hunter bodies are picked based on ability to succeed: local police, guy who’s wife works at Noregard, wife of cop (wasn’t she also a cop? damn good shot with a pistol too!)
    3. Other stuff as discussed by many above is drama but really all just antecedent to the hunters trying to reign in the runaway spirits in William and Elishia and undoing Elishia’s experiment. (For Star Trek fans, think of Elishia as violating the prime directive and section 31 is coming down to bend it all straight again!)

    a) Can a person risen in experiment become hunter if killed and possessed immediately as Vic, Sarah and Phil? That sets up some great plot twists.
    b) How will fetus of reanimated Kirsti develop? Quicker? Will it also have to die to set universe straight again? Afraid it may.
    c) Would a dead hunter reanimate under Elishia’s experiment conditions? If so, would she be human or hunter? I am looking at you Sarah – buried right there next to Elishia…

    Otherwise, I think you all make great comments and observations!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Actually, another question I have is who’s house was Nicola in when John/William broke in and met her for the first time? Why was she there? How did she know he would be there? Why did he choose that house? Did I miss something?

    And I don’t trust Owen at all. Remember when she stopped by to see him after leaving her house with the walk of shame. And he wouldn’t let her in, he said it wasn’t a good time. I thought inside would be a wife and kids or something but the camera instead panned to like a table with bloody towels or tools or something. So ever since that scene I’ve been wondering who he really is and what he’s really up to.

    1. I am assuming that the blood and such at Owen’s was from him doing taxidermy. Remember the dead bird? I am not sure what to think of Owen quite yet. They do a good job of throwing in the good guy act while also leading us to be suspicious.

      1. I agree that the blood couldve been from taxidermy, and also perhaps the formaldehyde, and other chemicals too, but as they showed them so close to other scenes regarding the spraying of chemicals in the graveyards, one might think they’re connected. And who did he call? Perhaps he knows the groundskeeper, or maybe hes a recon being contacting a hunter. Who knows, this show is dope.

    2. I wonder if Owen might be like Alicia and earlier William – a traveler who resides in a previously dead human. Thought about this because of the story Owen tells about the kid he killed – maybe the story was really about him? Thus he is calling another like himself and Alicia to let them know its happening again/here.

  11. Good forum, great comments. Agree with Reinholt, there must be “rules” to sustain a level of “believeability.” Series started out great with a good story line, but halfway through the second season beginning to feel as if writers were making it up as they went along and going for shock value instead of keeping characters consistent and true to the story. Unfortunately, that seems to happen in far too many good shows that start out strong and just spiral down into the ridiculous. So many unanswered questions and unnecessary drama beginning to lose interest writers need to throw a bone. Maybe it’s me, but the returned seem a bit, well self absorbed, I mean returning from the dead after an excruciating death by cancer and a person’s main concern is her husband remarried? What about the incredible miracle/phenomena of resurrection?

    1. great point…!

      I get that I would be bummed to be restricted to Yoorana, but if I were from 100 years ago, I would be checking out all the cool stuff and enjoying ice cream and TV and cars and flush toilets! Their motivations all seem to be centered on how I died/who’s at fault? Maybe this is the central message/theme of the story:

      Learning to forgive,move on,live your life no matter how horrible an insult you have suffered – you cant change the past anyway and if you remain stuck living in the past, you will never grow and thrive again.


  12. Just one more thought… I thought Phil was dead but my husband mentioned that they didn’t show his wound like Sarah’s and didn’t show anyone checking for a pulse which makes me believe he wasn’t “dead”. I agree that Dr. Heysen is big trouble too!

    1. Hunter-Phil never died, as seen looking around in the back of Dr. Heyson’s van at the end. She says; “Good, you survived…” And basically that he’s in her debt now.

  13. All of these replies are interesting. I just finished Season 2 and had all the same questions as everyone on here. I was dying to know if there would be a season 3. In the meantime, I started Shut Eye over on Hulu. Gypsies, palm readers, and now and injuried caused psychic abilities s

  14. I’ve enjoyed the very thoughtful comments here. Did anyone notice that none of the Risen returned bearing any of the physical scars or wounds from their past lives…except for William? He still bore scars on his back from the whipping. I’m curious what you guys think.

    1. Because Elisha brought William back differently than the rest. The boundary was created by noregard, where they can’t leave yoorana. I am inclined to believe the experiment was meant to bring back six individuals, and Elisha brought William back separately because of a personal connection. So the drug/experiment used to bring back William was different. It was the same way that Elisha used on herself to test the experiment 4 years prior. She drugs him on the bridge because if she didn’t he would have been able to cross, and then everyone would known William was different than them.

      There has to be something else I’m missing though, because remember when James sees pictures and videos of Elisha before her death, and he says she’s different. I don’t know if it was mentioned about William yet, if he was different like her. But I don’t think that has been explained. The connection between how Elisha and William were brought back differently from the rest, and why that changes the personality. Almost similarly to the hunters? Except of course they don’t have the same mission. I still have so many questions

    2. I never really thought of that, but now that I do it might be a possible a side effect for William because this is his second resurrection? Maybe with each revival, it’s harder to recover memory so remnants of each life in form of scars act as trigger points…maybe?
      We have one other resurrected who’s carrying one helluva a scar. KRISTIE. If you can call being knocked up by your rapist a “scar”. I’m female and I’d call that a scar that will eventually walk, talk, and breath.
      It’s hinted at after she has learned that her friend never talked because she had been raped as well and had a 27-year-old son…..product of rape. Kristie is standing in the bathroom (I think maybe season 2 episode 4/5) and she lifts her shirt and looks at her stomach and says something to the effect of ” Oh fucking hell.”
      That’s the only other scar or eventually physical/visual thing I saw that had been brought back with any of them aside from William. That leads up to another question: If my theory is correct on the memory retrieval being harder and harder with each comeback…..IS this REALLY Kristie’s only revival?
      Remember, she came out with a cut that took a while to heal, and she had NO clue who she was until James told her the name listed on the headstone and it only had the 1st name and her sister’s name on it. Sarah supplied the last name of Darrows.
      They all died horrible deaths. Williams’ neck was broken when he was hanged, but only the whipping scars were left. Kate lost both breast and all her hair but all that “grew back”, Carlos was shot, Charlie blew his head off, Paddy’s throat was slit, Maria’s head was cracked open on impact…the only exception to the rule here is our girl Kristie. While she was murdered no scar would have been left except for season 3’s BABY BUMP!
      I can not wait for Season 3 it’s gone get BUMPY!
      Can you imagine?! You die or get raped/strangled/drowned in 1988 and get to come back 26 years later and you’re PREGNANT by you’re ancient, wheelchair-bound mentally handicapped rapist? Man…. in my world …. huge possibility of bloodshed… lmao just saying. It’s going to a train wreck no one can stop watching if she is pregnant.

  15. I was disappointed at how Paddy’s story seemed to be over — I love the idea of having to work out legal complications arising from resurrected people, it’s a bit like a problem you might have seen on the short-lived CBS (US) sf drama about lawyers in the future, “Century City” — but then I remembered something Heysen mentioned in the lab: they only need ONE cell from the dead in order to resurrect them. The new body grows from one cell. Given that Paddy died so long ago, couldn’t some small piece of him, a hair, even, have been left in his grave in Yoorana’s cemetery? With Beau so obviously thinking of him, couldn’t Paddy be coming back in season 3?

  16. This is a first for me to post but Glitch has me hooked! Can anyone explain why Charlie left Kalinda’s name on a note laying on his medals before he went out to kill himself? Or did I see that wrong?

    1. I’ll have to go back and look, but I thought it was the name of his boyfriend who was killed in the war. Could be wrong.

      1. Kalinda was the name of the maid, the one with whom Paddy fell in love (and who became pregnant with his child, Beau’s ancestor). And as Rushelle mentions below, he’d written the name of the club on that slip of paper. Presumably letting his survivors know what he wanted to name it, after leaving his money to create it.

    2. I believe the note he left had “Kalinda Khaki Club” written on it, referencing the club he started before he killed himself. It’s on banners in the flashbacks where he’s shown gambling and attending the ribbon cutting of the veterans club.

  17. My theory: The characters are in some sort of cosmic simulation, evident by not only the sum total of events but clearly indicated by the distorted water stream from the faucet in the intital scenes of Elisha’s return. Vic, Phil and Sarah are the avatars of hyper dimensional beings entering into the simulation through their bodies and attempting to correct the “Glitch.” Beings we would call from our perspective “Death,” “God,” “Satan,” etc.

  18. I was curious if thus was an accident or intentional. Charlie was part of the Kalinda Khaki Club. He also writes KKC on his arm. For a good part of the second season, while William was in Noregard, the only three Revivals hanging out together were Kirsten, Kate and Charlie. KKC. Coincidence?

  19. My guess to your #7.”these Returned were the ones that were being remembered at that exact moment. James – Kate. Chris – Kirstie. Beau – Paddy. Elishia – John.” I think Maria was being remembered by her husband in the senior center, Carlo was being remembered by his brother who died at the same time they Rose, and Charlie was being remembered by the bar owner who knows so much about Charlie P. Thompson’s original history. But I don’t believe knowing that furthers the story line. It is curious why Charlie is still alive, what is he adding to the storyline now?
    Carlo’s death served the purpose to reveal the Risen’s boundary and limitation; Maria’s death served the purpose of revealing Vic and the “hunters'” intent (can’t remember – did Maria finally evaporate or can she still be risen); both Charlie’s and Kristie’s storylines seem to have come fill circle. Are they next?

    And we don’t know if Sarah was telling the truth when she said that Kate died of cancer and not by her hand. Sarah has lied before…. Although, Maria’s accidental death does through a wrench into that theory.

    …. And why didn’t Maria’s daughter arise at any time. Hey Mom was clearly obsessed with her memory.

  20. Such good comments. I agree with most of you. Hopefully, we’ll see this unfold in a season 3. Seems to be renewed, but you can never tell until it’s “in the can.” By the way, I’m in California, too, and enjoy watching an Australian series. Thanks, Netflix.

  21. Hi to you all, I am proud to come from the town in Australia where Glitch was shot. It’s interesting to note that most of the stores in the main streets are original and have not had their signage/names changed except with the book store. Steven’s Mensland, Papa’s Fish shop, The Blue Sea Fish and Chip Shop, Videoland, the IGA supermarket – are all real businesses and still there to this day. The Police station in Glitch was the original station – now relocated a couple of years ago as it was too small for the local Police. I can pick nearly all of the scenes. It was such a buzz watching it. The locals made the cast and crew most welcome. Us Aussies can churn out some great programming from time to time and Glitch it right up there!

    1. Hi, Steve.

      That’s cool. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and there are a lot of movies filmed here (almost all of the Marvel movies, too), and it’s cool to see places that I know or have visited. I love Glitch… great show. Do you know if they’ve started filming season 3 yet?

  22. Is it possible the barrier around Yoorana is a safety net should things get out of hand or more than the planned 6/7 people rise from the dead?

    A bit off topic, but the name “Yoorana” sounds very similar to the tiny town in NSW “Urana”

  23. OH MY GOSSHHH. I just finished the season 2 final of Glitch. I read your post and I too, thought some of the similar things.

    When Sarah Died and it showed Nia and the stars, I felt like that made Nia a link. Like Nia will know and be able to tell who is risen and who is a hunter because she will forever have a piece of sarah inside her. I don’t see Sarah coming back due to the letter she left James – kind of signifying a goodbye and reminder that even though they’re hunter or risen, they still love and have emotions like others.
    As stated above, the whole James and Kate thing is a cliche. But unfortunately, there has to be something predictable in a story to keep your readers interested. They want something to be sure of, and I feel that Kate and James is that. Poor James though, he sure is getting the shitter end of the deal – now lost two wives. Since he left to stay with his parents, I feel as though our season 3 (if there is one hopefully), will be a prolonged amount of time later – as stated above, the 4 to 7 or so years. I feel James will really embody the single dad and protection thing and think that if he stays out of Yoorana long enough, he could protect Nia from ever experiencing the loss and confusion he did. I think we he does return, that Kate’s parents will “be down to visit that baby” and will somehow(planned or not) be reunited with Kate. Although I’m still sad because he left and didn’t even tell Smudgie goodbye lol.
    Part of me feels like Paddy is gone, sadly, since he managed to right his families past and leave the estate worth, or what they were entitled to, to Kalinda’s children and his. Which touched my heart so much. I think that Beau will be the only one who will be able to really stop/destroy Phil. Even though Phil is a hunter he is constantly bickering at Sarah about her “attachments” and how they’re slowing him down. However, he almost seems pained when Beau tells him he will never be his father. I think Beau is his soft spot. He comments frequently how he will never hurt his family, including Beau. We all know he will most likely be involved since he was so close to Paddy.
    Owen is definitely a bad guy. If you think he’s a sweet soul, i’m sorry to dissapoint. But any person who finds out news like that and immediately makes a phone call? I think he called Hearney. I believe that she was furious that Elisha was keeping the research from her and had her followed/stalked. In an effort to keep it from being obvious, via Noreguard employees, she used hunters who were placed conveniently throughout Yoorana. I want to hope she isn’t that big of a genius, but unfortunately I believe she is. I also think that William knows she can’t be trusted and is simply using her to get Elisha back and then it’s on. Considering she is the only one, other than Elisha who can understand and succeed at the word Elisha had devoted her life too. I think they’re love story goes way, way back in an important way and that the characters are all somehow linked together because of Elisha and William. Decendents or something and that’s why the “boundary” exists. The 6 people have boundries because the ancestery runs deep. I also think that’s why Elisha isn’t limited to it, because she is the starting point someway for each family branch. Somehow traced back and living in different bodies(her soul) is the mother of a decendent of each character that we love – and that’s the reason she keeps coming back, because one of them is alive or near. She has to set it all right before she rests. Same for william. They’ve found each other every time.
    Kirstie. I loved her. She’s a badass and I am beyond ready to watch her character explode with badassery when she is pregnant and delivers a baby. I believe that somehow this baby is most likely Kevin’s. Because of the (possible) foreshadowing at the lake and how he goes on and on about no marriage and no children. How it’s possible is beyond me but I think it’ll happen. I also believe that Chris will most likely come forward and admit his part in framing Kevin. I think that’s the only way that the case could be re-opened. He would then have his police rights revoked and probably serve time in place of his brother since his brother cannot. I think he’ll do this because of how guilt ridden he is. He was the one thinking of Kirstie(James confirms this) and I feel that he was constantly thinking of her because he feels guilt for ruining an innocent mans life. The only way I could see him not confessing is if Kirstie, overwhelmed with joy of Kevin’s baby, feels that Chris righted his brothers’ wrongs by being serious about his offer to re open and correct the case.
    Charlie. Charlie is such a sweetheart. I honestly think that Russell at the bar may be a relative or decendent of George. Just because he seems to be okay with people being gay and is very open about it(could be a coincidence since people get to be happy however they choose thankfully). I don’t know, I just feel like his obsession with Charlie and him stating that he ISN’T related to him (It would be an honor to be related to a man like Charles P Thompson), means that his family may have or must have been close/have a long history with the Thompsons.

    I know mine is SUPER long. My apologies, I just have so many thoughts about this great series. It was probably the best one I’ve watched in a long time. I’m usually great at guessing the big twists and this one, I missed 70% of them. What do you guys think?

  24. I’m about 90% certain that Owen made a call to another Hunter because he is a Hunter too. Maybe they’re kind of like sleeper-cell agents?

    ** **HE CAN HELP**]]]]

  26. So I’m thinking that Sarah transferred something to Mia, the same way Phil transferred something to Sarah. It happened when Sarah dropped his off at the hospital-then his sdoes the 10000yd stare. It basically happens again as Sarah dies. Thoughts?

  27. The whistle instrument that William uses is intriguing. I haven’t read any suggestions yet of this having possible religious significance. Could William actually be the Archangel called Gabriel who has a trumpet and is able to resurrect the dead? Does this mean 2 angels (William & Elisha) have fallen in love and have come to earth to possess the bodies of people who have died? Are the others who have been resurrected angels as well or just copies of people that the hunters need to return back to the earth. The question raised as well is, are the hunters angels as well or maybe demons on a quest to correct things and bring things back to the natural order. The hunters may even be soliders of death itself.

  28. Awesome ideas and theories but there was a question posted regarding Willaims whip scars being the only scar out of the group that was brought into this life. Which had me thinking of everyone who crawled out of their grave. First Kates “Coffee Stain” birthmark came to mind, but she was born with that it wasn’t something that occurred during her death, as a matter of fact, everything she lost “grew back”
    I went through all the “risen” and the only one who I could say came back with a scar aside from William is Kristy.”Her scar isn’t visible yet.” Did anyone besides me catch the bit in maybe episode 4 or 5 of Season 2 when she lifts her shirt looks at her stomach in the mirror and says something along the lines of “Oh fucking hell!”
    This was after she found out her friend was raped as well and was shocked to see her 27-year-old son who was a product of the rape.
    None came back with any scars with exception to William and Kristy. Those two had the hardest time with memory recall and we already know this at least Williams second resurrection. I theorize that each time they are brought back it becomes harder for them to remember who they were the last life they lived. Is it possible that those brought back more than once have scars as a kind of “trigger” for a specific life?
    William and Kristi had no clue who they were until they were told. Heysen told William who he really was and James told Kirsti only her first name and her sisters name which was the only thing listed on the headstone. Sarah supplied Darrows as the surname. Aside from not being able to recall who they were as quickly as the others they also had to have some traumatic experiences in order to remember. William had his fingers cut off and Kristi insisted the guy choke her in the lake, and now there’s a possibility Kristy is pregnant….which would have been a whopping 9 months of a memory trigger….and being raped strangled/drowned in 1988 only to come back 26 years later to find out she’s knocked up by her killer….that’s definitely an eventual breathing, walking, talking scar.
    I think Heysen is that person we love to hate but we don’t have the full story on her yet. I think in the name of science or more specifically Elisha’s work she will align herself with anyone….the enemy of my enemy type of gal.
    I think Elisha was a member of an original group spread out on Earth to keep the laws of natural order in balance. This would explain her existence period. It would also explain why she’s immune to the field that keeps the others within Yorana, and how she had the knowledge and ability to raise the dead.
    She told Phil ” He had a choice. He didn’t have to kill her.” I think she made that choice when she met and fell in love with William the 1st time. She chose to stop killing people who had the same knowledge she did who’d possibly gone rogue and started using that knowledge long before she did to revive the dead. It’s also a possibility that after falling in love with him…a mortal man she was NEVER meant to love she knew the consequence was death so she ensured she revived each time she died in order to bring him back too.
    Conclusion, if the memory theory is correct…they need triggers…mortals anyway. Is it possible that with each of Elisha’s deaths she realized it was taking more time to remember things? It explains her notes on raising the dead and maybe there’s a catch 22 there with memory recall and the may take her longer and longer to get her memory back but because she’s actually not “natural” she WILL download the memories eventually….in the event she doesn’t or can’t get what she needs into her system prior to death…the notebook was meant for people like Heysen. She aligned herself with brilliant people who were capable of deciphering her work and follow directions even if they didn’t know HOW it worked.
    In theory, if all that is the case. It had nothing to do with loved ones thinking about the deceased and everything to do with chemicals and sound. We have no clue where the chemical was placed, how much of the chemical was put down if it covered the whole graveyard it’s possible it didn’t get spread evenly, penetrate certain areas of the earth as quickly, or get through caskets. She needed the chemical and the sound….and I guarantee you Heysen figured that out and she raised everyone in that graveyard plus any other graveyard within Yoranas new boundary lines.

    I think in “The Letter” when Sarah was killed for the SECOND TIME….when she had that flash of life was actually VERY fitting considering they thought that was the end of Glitch, she was dying and her baby was like less than a month old, she was James wife and Kates best friend.
    Look back at season 1 Kate and James were lying on the marry-go-round at night looking up at the night sky. She called it a Kalidescope. It would be quite poetic as an ending considering she and Kate did the same thing as children or drunk teenagers, even as adults prior to Kate getting married.

    So that’s my thoughts and theories, what do you all think? I think it’s gonna be SUPER bumpy if Kristy is pregnant. lol pun intended.

  29. Maybe I am the only one that sees this? Everyone is talking about the sound vibrations that were supposed to awaken the dead, and what the significance of the whistle was, etc.
    Here is my take on this: As mentioned, the chemicals are what supposedly craft/create/develop the stem cells, but it was mentioned that there needed to be a trigger of some sort to get the stem cells to actually start “cell splitting”. And that also another trigger was required to bring the memories back. So what if the sound/vibration frequency is what triggered the stem cells, and the WHISTLE is what initiates the memory release, allowing the bodies to then begin activity?

    The doctor was quite quick to pick up the whistle from the grave side of William, so perhaps she was standing over his grave and blew the whistle to bring his memories back?

  30. Seems all aspects are covered in article and comments, but i may have missed this one.. article questions how Phil was raised by Heysen instead of any others. I believe Heysen purposefully raised Phil, instead of Elishia. She never intended to actually raise Elishia.

  31. So glad I found this – but Season 3 raises even MORE questions.
    I love what you picked up on NOREGARD (no regard) – very clever
    You’ve answered a lot of my questions but honestly I think they should’ve stopped the show at the end of Season 2. I think Season 3 is a dismal failure but I wont go into any details ‘cos I can’t wait for your review which will hopefully make me see different

  32. Just finished watching Season 3 and it was a huge flop in my eyes. Too much unexplainable.

    And sadly, they left it open for Season 4

    I wish some shows knew when to give up.

  33. season 3 really blows. It’s confusing and nothing makes sense, nothing comes together. This season lacks intrigue and continuity, it’s boring and bland as hell.

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