HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset is another in a long line of great products from the gaming company. This new design is focused around using dual chambers to separate the highs and lows allowing for diminished distortion and a cleaner more powerful sound. The HyperxX Cloud Alpha Pro has a solid aluminum body, which is both flexible and durable. The memory foam earpads are comfortable even after several hours of use. The design is simple and uncomplicated using a basic black and red motif with the HyperX logo on the earpieces. There are no LEDs or RGB lights but I prefer sound quality over gimmicks so this is fine with me. The Alpha Pro gaming comes with a jack that allows you to attach different cables for your needs. Primarily I used the short cable with the volume control so that I would not have any excess cabling issues when plugging into a PS4 or Xbox One controller.

On PC and Xbox One Cuphead was used to demo the headsets. The Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming handled the jazzy soundtrack and sound effects with ease. Being an analog headset, there is no 7.1 surround sound effects or any other digital benefits. But the quality of the dual chamber system still creates a solid gaming atmosphere. The same can be said for playing the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta on the PS4. Game chat using the removable boom mic is clear and not distorted. Both my phone and my home stereo were used to try the sound quality with music. Though it is a gaming headset, it really shined in its ability to reproduce wonderful sounds.

The HyperX Cloud pro is yet another great addition to the HyperX family that is both flexible, well built, and affordable. If you are looking for a new headset that can easily be switched from media to media you cannot lose with the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Pro.

You can purchase the Cloud Alpha Pro on Amazon for $99.00

A sample of the product was made available by HyperX.

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