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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 57: Core Components

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It is–by my reckoning, at least–almost Halloween. And yet I cannot, in good conscience, start up my annual musical celebration of All Hallows’ until October has arrived in full. There are rules, after all!

So, instead, enjoy this delightful assortment of featured songs and artists. Tied together, as always, by whatever weird crap I decide to say while the mic is hot.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 57 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. You already know what’s inside.

00:44 8-Bit Mullet – “For the Love of Yoshi” (content warning)
04:46 Talking / Untested Methods – “Enjoy the Silence
05:37 Tetrastar – “Rainbow in the Dark”
08:48 DJ Jay-R – “Sweet Sovereign” (content warning)
12:51 Americans UK – “[Inappropriate] Word[s] to Your Mother
16:18 Maximalism – “Where Is My Pizza?
20:02 More talking / Untested Methods – “Enjoy the Silence”
20:50 Supercommuter – “Itty Bitty Pigeons
23:37 Smoochyface – “Part I
26:28 Ultraklystron – “Activation Function
30:39 The PDX Broadsides – “Robot vs Boy
34:10 Even more talking / Untested Methods – “Enjoy the Silence”
36:23 Zero Day Exploits – “Wookiee

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