‘Warhammer 40,000’ for Beginners: Part 2

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You’ve assembled your miniatures, and are now keen to paint them. What’s next? Well, if you have a file or sandpaper, you might wish to use them to remove any unsightly mold lines. Purists will tell you that you should always do this, but in my opinion, if you’re keen to get to the table and only just starting out on your painting journey, most aberrations will disappear once you start adding paint. I may cover removing mold lines in a future video, but to be honest, I’m woeful at it, and my minis usually come out looking fine. If modeling with your children, scraping away mold lines is a step that is likely to bore them; they want their painted minis, now!

The video above takes a look at three ways to prime your minis. It’s a priming primer for your Primaris Marines. I use spray primer, both black and white, but for some of you spraying won’t be an option. Whether because of lack of ventilation or high humidity, you might prefer to use a brush on primer, and I show you how easy this is using Citadel’s Imperial Primer. The video contains fairly basic information, but I also include some further thoughts on the assembly of your miniatures.

Due to technical restrictions, I didn’t actually video the spraying of the minis. I give an overview of the process, but if you’re still not sure of what to do, here’s a video from my second favorite mini-painting video star, Duncan from Games Workshop’s community pages.

My future videos will show how to paint your Primaris Marines, with only the minimum of paint and equipment. I’ll be the painting the first five using only the Citadel Essentials Paint set, and feeding back how the process went. I’ll be finding out whether it’s possible for a journeyman painter to get a decent finish on their minis, using only this single $30 set.

Until then, happy painting.

Disclaimer: GeekDad were sent a copy of the Warhammer 40K base set in order to make this series.

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