Warhammer: Dark Imperium

‘Warhammer 40,000’ for Beginners: Part 1

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Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium, also known as “8th Edition,” is here.

There have already been hundreds of hours of battle reports and reviews of the new game from various outlets. Games Workshop and its Community team have gone into overdrive, promoting and explaining the newest incarnation of their most beloved game.

Against this backdrop, what can the relatively hard-pressed and time-poor GeekDads have to offer? As explained in our initial unboxing video, we’ll be looking at the game from the viewpoint of a new player, and, in particular, our experiences with our children.

First up in this mini-series is a look at assembling the miniatures themselves. The focus here is the “Primaris Marine” figures from the new boxed set. In the first video (above), I’ll take you through my first assembly, and in the second (very short) video below, I serve up some final thoughts on the Primaris Space Marines as a whole. I’ll be pointing out some pitfalls to avoid as we look forward to the next stage in the process: painting.

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