Kickstarter Alert: Skullsplitter Dice Introduces New Daring Adventurers Dice Cases (Plus Bonus Dice Trays)

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(Image: Anthony Karcz)

Skullsplitter Dice is at it again. I covered the company last year as part of my Stranger Things costume ideas. They had sent over a set of their impressively hefty metal dice and a Warlock’s Spellbook dice case. Now they’re raising funds on Kickstarter for a whole new line of “Daring Adventurers” dice cases: the Thieve’s Tools, Wizard’s Grimoire, Cleric’s Prayer Book, and Gunslinger’s Kit.

Wizard’s Grimoire and Cleric’s Prayer Book (Image: Anthony Karcz)

For just $20, you get a tin case that has been decoed to represent the gear your character would be walking around with in-game. Just like the Warlock’s Spellbook, the print on the case is durable and will take a beating. Inside the case is a special foam insert that has more than enough room for a full set of RPG dice plus a few extras. Where with the Warlock’s Spellbook the insert only had room for dice, these new models are much improved, with room for your character minis and small cards.

Thieve’s Tools and Gunslinger’s Kit (Image: Anthony Karcz)

While the Kickstarter is fully funded, only the Wizard’s Grimoire and the Thieve’s Tools are currently unlocked. The Cleric’s Prayer Book becomes available once funding reaches $15,000 and the Gunslinger’s Kit at $20,000. They have just one week to go in the campaign, so here’s hoping that all four cases are unlocked.

As part of the campaign, Skullsplitter Dice is also offering new Zinc Alloy dice with Gold numbering as an add-on, ranging from $26 for a whole set of seven to $9 for a d20. The dice are what put Skullsplitter Dice on the map last year and they’re still their most distinctive products. The dice are heavy, eye-catching, and roll true (plus they ship with a whole story about their forging–it’s a great extra touch).

There is less than a week left in the Kickstarter campaign. Head over to the site (complete with animated intros for each of the character cases) to grab a dice case and set of dice, and help unlock those last designs!

Spalted Holly Dice Tray (Image: Anthony Karcz)

In the meantime, if you want some new Skullsplitter Dice merch but don’t want to wait, you can grab one of their new wood and leather dice trays right now. Crafted locally in St. Petersburg (right up the road from me!), they feature sustainably harvested local woods: Spalted Chinaberry, Spalted Holly, and Rosewood. All have a leather rolling surface–essential when you’re chucking a set of their dice at the table. When you’re not rolling them, you can keep your dice in reserve in a section separated out for that purpose. They’re hefty pieces and look great on the table. They aren’t quite up to the “furniture finish” quality of my favorite wood RPG gear from Wyrmwood, but, for a first offering, they’re certainly impressive. The rolling trays start at $55, and you can pick them up directly from the site. If you’re looking for dice, you can get them from the site, or browse their selection on Amazon.

Disclaimer, Skullsplitter Dice was founded by a friend of the author, who received samples for this article. Opinions and choice in awesome friends are his own.

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