Laptop Replacement Power for $20; Get Books About Tabletop Gaming – Father’s Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 061817

Maybe you’re a real road warrior, taking your laptop office wherever you need to be. Or perhaps you work at home, wherever there’s space, and also lots of hazards. Or maybe you’d just like to have a spare! Whatever the situation, sometimes our laptop power cords/bricks get damaged and we need a replacement. Rather than spending what the laptop company wants to charge you, why not see if you can find a generic replacement? This set from Zozo includes a generic brick and adapters to connect to a wide variety of laptop brands, and it’s on sale to day for just $20!

Are you, or someone you love/like/are ambivalent about into tabletop gaming? Want to learn more? Check out these great books about go deep into the world of dice, boards, rules, and more. From this history of modern gaming, to the woman’s perspective in what has been a male-dominated industry, to primers on painting miniatures and playing games, there’s plenty to learn about your gaming passion. Check out all the books!


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