‘Fallout: Wasteland Warfare’ Updates

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The latest update from Modiphius brings news of Super Mutants and the current plan for base set and add-ons. You can also read my post about the original game announcement.

Perhaps the biggest question many of us had until now was how the game, minis, and future expansions would be organized and released, but Chris Birch at Modiphius has shed some new light on this topic. The current plan is to release a two-player starter box set that includes Super Mutants and Survivors as the two factions. The survivors will include Sole Survivor (hopefully both male and female), Preston Garvey, Dogmeat, and several as yet unannounced survivors. The Super Mutants will include a Brute, two generic Super Mutants, a ranged Super Mutant, Aviator Head (the leader of the Super Mutants), and two different Super Mutant hounds. Check out the gallery! The base set will also include solo and two player missions that will introduce and give players a taste of all game mechanics–going on missions, building up gear and perks, and some settlement building.

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From there three different types of expansions will be released–the Campaign box, Army boxes, and Scenic boxes. The Campaign box, coming in 2018, will bring full base building, full advancement and campaign rules, mass battle rules, advanced solo play, and more! The army boxes will each feature between 8-10 miniatures along with their respective cards along with more options for using characters in solo play, more gear, and more Wasteland Encounters to increase replayability. Scenic boxes are just what they sound like, and Modiphius has teamed up with Battlesystems to build the first Scenic box–a complete Red Rocket set full of clip-together buildings and resin parts. I can’t wait to see that in miniature form!

Expect a full review closer to the game launch. The game is currently in development with a scheduled release in November 2017. Pre-orders will be up later this summer as well. To keep updated on launch news, you can subscribe over on the Modiphius site.

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