Gridopolis 3D Strategy Game and System.

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Gridopolis’

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Now in the last week of its crowdfunding campaign, Gridopolis is an innovative new tabletop strategy game. Gameplay is dynamic as players move, jump, and build on a three-dimensional game board using basic rules borrowed from common games like checkers, chess, and tic-tac-toe. The simple beauty of the Gridopolis’ design is that, while there are enough pieces for up to four players, there are only seven unique parts.

The game begins with a standard three-dimensional grid-set assembly, and each player receives extra parts that allows the game space to change during play. During the game, players can move their pieces (called “markers”) in an effort to eliminate their opponents’ markers by jumping them (just like checkers). Except, of course, Gridopolis is three-dimensional, and players can attack from above, below, and at any angle—a single marker could have up to 28 different locations to move to. Alternatively, players can build, either expanding the grid-set by adding a single pad, which becomes a legal place to move a marker, or shrinking the grid-set by blocking a formerly valid pad.

Up to four can play the basic Gridopolis 3D Strategy Game and System.
Up to four can play the basic Gridopolis 3D Strategy Game and System.
Image Credit: Gridopolis

A future expansion of Gridopolis will include creation of new blueprints for grid-set designs. These new designs will use the same rules, but each will require a complete change to gameplay strategy. A game design laboratory is in development that will allow gamers to experiment with their own designs and send it to Gridopolis for review. If a design is selected, it will be published, and the creator will be given full designer credit.

The Gridopolis Kickstarter campaign is ending soon, but there are still awesome rewards available—visit the Gridopolis Kickstarter Campaign (direct Kickstarter link).

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