New Drop-In Dungeon Crawl Needs Your Help

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My players love dungeon crawls, so I do try to drop them into my game whenever possible. My problem is time… I often don’t have time to pull them together last-minute, and I do prefer having maps as I’m not a theater-of-the-mind kind of DM. I’m always on the lookout for quick-and-easy adventures (inexpensive, too) that I can drop in to my game when the players need a diversion or when I just haven’t prepped enough for the regular game. And I’ve found a new one over on Indiegogo that looks and sounds pretty cool.

Game designer Jamie Chambers has a fast fundraiser going to fund 1000 copies of his A Delve in the Cave. Backers can choose a PDF or print copy, but the best part is that if the project is successfully funded, backers at the PDF level and higher will get their PDF within 48 hours of the close of the fundraising. That means an adventure that you can immediately put to use, even if you purchased the print copy.


Jamie has the maps done as well as some interior art (and the map looks great, but DON’T look too close if you’re one of my players!) but he’s also needing the funding to help pay for the printing, layout and cover art. The writing is completed, so this looks to be a quick turnaround for backers because of the June 16, 2017 funding deadline. Yeah, just 8 days left as I write this (it only had a 10 day funding period), so don’t dawdle if you like what you see. It’s $10 for the PDF and printed copy or just $5 for the PDF.

You can get more information on the project’s official page here.

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