‘Mr. Pickle’ Video Premiere from Michael & The Rockness Monsters

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I’m gonna be honest. My kids were never into the whole “children’s music” scene, and I’ve never really been one to bemoan that. Quite the opposite, actually. My (admittedly limited) exposure to most children’s music has left me…somewhat unfulfilled. I’m perfectly happy to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack for the 1,000th time, since that’s what my kids ask for EVERY TIME WE’RE IN THE CAR.

But there have been exceptions. Last year’s David Bowie tribute, Let All the Children Boogie, is one. Because, duh, it’s Bowie. And Foreverywhere by Steven Steven (fronted by Blue’s Clues superstar Steve Burns) is another.

And I guess I’m a sucker for pickles and rainbows, because the newest release from Michael & The Rockness Monsters, Funny Faces, also caught us tapping our toes and singing along.

Michael Napolitano (the band’s titular Michael) founded and spent 10 years with Preschool of Rock and also spent 10 years as a member of the Blue Man Group creative team. So the band, and all of the tracks on this release, not only are silly and catchy but also come with a serious level of musicality.

The overarching message of Funny Faces is to be yourself, feel free, respect others, and enjoy life. Overall, the band wanted to make people laugh and make them reflective of their lives and relationships with others and the world. Tracks such as “Never Know” reveal these lofty ambitions:

Never know what you’re gonna learn until you open a book.
Until you read, until you believe, until you sow your own seeds.
You’re never gonna know until you believe.
Never gonna know until you try.

But enough talk. Here’s a GeekDad exclusive premiere of the video for Michael & The Rockness Monsters’ “Mr. Pickle”! But be warned. There’s some next-level Silence of the Lambs stuff going on here. Trigger warning for scenes of pickles cutting up, wearing, and eating cucumbers. It’s best not to think about it too much.

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